Kabwata Cultural Village

Kabwata Cultural Village is found on Burma Road, west of Jacaranda road in Lusaka.

This Cultural Centre in Lusaka is the place where you can buy cheaper hand-carved crafts and curios. In addition to buying hand-carved crafts, you can also enjoy traditional performances held on Sundays in winter. 

It is now a Zambian national monument, showing you how life was like in colonial times. Yes, it will give you the feel of village life in colonial times.

For this reason, Kabwata Cultural centre plays a big role as one of the strong selling points for Zambia tourist attractions.

Background History of Kabwata Cultural Village

The village consists of huts which were built in the 1930s and 1940s by the colonial government. The purpose was to house Lusaka labour force. The huts housed single men whose families were left in villages.

Later on in the 1970s the government demolished most of the huts and constructed flats nearby.

In line with the adage -“a nation without culture is dead.” - and in an attempt to preserve the country’s cultural heritage and identity of the Zambian nation, 43 huts (Rondavels) were saved in 1974. The place was turned into a Cultural Centre. Artists from all over Zambia are now found here. This is one of the places in Zambia where you can shop the curios with an “African feel”!

Skilled Carvers

Kabwata Cultural Village Billboard

The village teems with skilled workers. For example, on 28th February 2009, when I first visited this Cultural village in Lusaka, I met a Mr Henry Siabbaba, a skilled wood carver. He assured me that if I wanted to; he would carve a life size portrait of me. Just Imagine!

Kabwata Cultural Village
Kabwata Cultural Village
Kabwata Cultural Village
Kabwata Cultural Village


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