The Number of Schools In Zambia Keep On Increasing!

The number of schools in Zambia have increased substantially since independence.

Like most countries in the world, the Zambian government, in order to increase the number of Zambian schools, also places much emphasis on education in Zambia.

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Schools In ZambiaSchools In Zambia - Evelyn Hone College

So in line with its vision of providing “Quality, lifelong education for all which is accessible, inclusive and relevant to individual, national and global needs and value systems”, has increased the number of schools in Zambia to 96 and 125 for secondary and Primary Schools respectively. This was followed by a corresponding increase in the number of tertiary institutions.

Colleges went up to 34 and universities went up to 7 institutions respectively.

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Types Of Schools In Zambia

Schools have been classified into three categories; basic education, high education and tertiary education. At all these levels there are public, private and religious schools.


A number of universities have come into the scene. Apart from the traditional government owned university of Zambia and

Copperbelt University, a good number of universities, public and private have sprung up.

University Of Zambia

The University of Zambia (UNZA), was founded in 1965.

Its motto is “Service and Excellence”.   The Contact address is P.O. Box 32379, Lusaka.

Copperstone University

The Copperstone University is accredited with TEVETA and registered and approved with the Ministry of Education.

The University offers a broad range of degree programmes in different schools.

Contact address;

Copperstone University
Plot 8122, Central Street,
Nkana West,
Tel: 0977-333421/096-2073141/0965-653101

Zambia Open University

The Zambia Open University (ZAOU) is a privately run accredited institution in Zambia. It opened its doors in 2002.

Contact address;

Zambia Open University
Plot 7096,
Unity Road , (Off Mumbwa Road),
P.O. Box 31925,
Tel: 02 112 14479 Mobile: 096 967 2965/097 761 23055/095 579 6867
Web: www.

Mulungushi University

Mulungushi University is a public institution established in 2008 by the Zambian government. It is the third public University in the country. The University offers certificate, diploma and degree programmes.

Contact address;

Mulungushi University
P.O Box 80415,
Mobile: 0977160386/0979310324
Fax: 05-228003/05-228019

University of Africa

The University of Africa (UoA), is a privately run accredited institution in Zambia. It opened its doors in the country in 2008. It offers a lot of study programmes at degree and also at certificate and diploma level.

Contact address;

Plot 169, Luanshya Road,
Villa Elizabeth,
P.O. Box 35440,
Tel: 260 211 230812/0977471656/0965432111/0977296593

Rusangu University

Rusangu University is a private institution offering a broad range of degree programmes in a variety of academic fields. The name ‘Rusangu’ is derived from the Musangu tree which is even within the University grounds.

Contact address;

Rusangu University - Lusaka Campus
Plot No. 4A, Nalubutu Road (Off Addis Ababa Drive)
Rhodes Park,
Postal Address;
P. O. Box 50586
Mobile: +(260) 955 335 877/ +(260) 972 178 955

The Pamodzi University

The Pamodzi University is a private university which strives to provide quality university education to school leavers and in-service candidates through the provision of quality open, distance and full-time education.

Contact address;

The Pamodzi University
P.O. Box 50860,
Mobile: +260-976-726864/+260-966-726864/+260-955-7268645

Copperbelt University

The Copperbelt University was established on 1st December 1987, by the Act of Parliament No. 19.The motto of the University is “Knowledge And Service”.

Contact Address

Physical Location: Jambo Drive, Riverside, Kitwe
Postal Address: Post Office Box 21692, Kitwe, Zambia
Telephone: +260-212-223015
Facsimile Number: +260-212-222469

Cavendish University

Cavendish University Zambia in partnership with Cavendish College London has been registered in Zambia. It is a recognized private education university. All courses conducted lead to qualifications that are internationally recognized. It offers certificate courses, undergraduate, post graduate diploma and masters programmes.

Contact Details:

Mezzanine Floor
Cairo Road
P.O.Box 34625
Tel: 260 211 230106
Fax: 260 211 230991

Northrise University

The Northrise University (NU) was founded in 2002. Its motto is “Being Excellent At What Is Good”.

Contact Details:

Caravell House
Buteko Avenue
Tel: 260 062 2198

The area of study is as follows:

Arts and Humanities
Business and Social Science
Language and Cultural Studies
Medicine and Health
Science and Technology

University Of Lusaka

The University Of Lusaka(UNILUS) is a private university, registered with the Ministry of Education and duly recognized by all relevant authorities in the education and training sector.

Chreso University

 Chreso University offers Diplomas, Bachelor’s Degrees, Masters and Doctorates in Theological studies, Social and Business, Criminal Justice, Education and Health Sciences.

Contact Details:

Post Net Box 266 P/Bag E017,
17734 Nangwenya Road,
Go Centre,
Tel: +260 975 600680/+260 963 355192/+260 955 131826

Other Schools In Zambia

There are international and best schools in Zambia such as Simba International school, American International School,Lusaka International Community School,The International School of Lusaka, Lechwe School and Lake Road PTA School.

Lusaka Girls Secondary School

Lusaka Girls Secondary School is found in Lusaka province.

Banani International School

Banani International School opened in 1993 and was inaugurated in 1996. The school caters for girls only. The School has both Secondary and Primary Schools.

Lwengu School

Lwengu School is situated in Monze. It’s motto is “Education and Appreciation”. The School is the abode of holistic education.

Little Lulu’s Little School

Little Lulu’s Little School, founded in 1999 in Kabulonga, a pleasant suburb of Lusaka, believes that every child is unique and that personal interaction is paramount to educating and equipping a child.

Simba International School

The mission statement of the school is “To Provide The Highest Possible Standards Of Education For Children Of All Races, Religions And Sexes.”Located in Ndola, the school was opened on 18th January 1982. It caters for junior education to secondary level. It is situated on Airport Road and is 5 minutes drive from Ndola International Airport.

Contact Details:

P.O.Box 240216
Tel: 260 21 2 613674, 260 21 2 615821
Fax: 260 21 2 619017

Ibex Hill School

At Ibex Hill School “Quality Education Is Our Business”.

Metropolitan School

Metropolitan School - Reputed Pre, Primary And Secondary Co-Educational Institution.

Lady Diana High School

At Lady Diana High School you can enroll your children starting from pre-school, primary, all the way to secondary school level!

So the Zambian government, in line with its vision of "Quality, lifelong education'' has embarked on a massive construction of schools in Zambia.

We therefore urge you to stay tuned as we are going to be adding more schools in Zambia articles on this page!

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