The Zambian Museums - Preservation of The Country’s Natural And Cultural Heritage.

A visit to any of the Zambian Museums is an eye opener if you wanted to have a look at the country’s natural and cultural heritage. The museums exist for the purpose of preserving, interpreting, protecting and management of Zambia’s historical relics and the country’s heritage. The museums are a window into the country’s historical past and culture.

The Zambian Museums...

Of the Zambian museums, the biggest are the Moto Moto museum in Mbala, the Copper belt museum in Ndola, the Lusaka museum in Lusaka and the Livingstone museum in Livingstone.

Moto Moto Museum

Situated in Mbala, Northern Province, the Moto Moto museum owes its origin to the late Canadian missionary Father Jean Jaques Corbeil. During the 1940s, Father Corbeil collected artifacts which included ethnography and art. The collections were pre-history (archeology) and natural history.

One of the museums historical findings are from the Kalambo Falls, which indicates the oldest evidence of the use of fire by man south of the Sahara.

Moto Moto Museum
Tel 450243/450563
Fax: 450098

The Copper belt Museum

Based in Ndola, the Copper belt Museum was established in 1962. Ethnographical artifacts, geological and historical items are its exhibits. 

The Lusaka National Museum

Lusaka National MuseumLusaka National Museum

It was officially opened to the public in October 1996. Lusaka Museum is a Cultural History institution specializing in;

  • Ethnography
  • Art
  • Archaeology
  • History

The museum includes two galleries, one on the ground floor and the other on the upper floor of the museum building. The lower gallery being a momentary exhibition space that chiefly showcases contemporary art, highlighting the way of life of the Zambian people through paintings, sculptures and models.

The contact address for the museum is:

Lusaka National Museum
P.O.Box 50491
Tel 0211-228805/7
Fax: 0211-223788

Choma Museum

This museum is located in Choma in Southern province. The Choma Museum and Craft Centre strives to keep alive the cultural heritage of the Tonga people. The museum has on display various age-old artifacts depicting the typical traditional life style of the Tonga speaking people.

Choma Museum and Craft Centre
P.O.Box 630189
Tel 220394
Fax: 220661

Livingstone Museum

Livingstone MuseumLivingstone Museum

The Livingstone City boasts of the oldest museum in the country with the oldest library of all the Zambian museums. It has a collection relating to the archaeology and natural history of southern Africa. The Livingstone Museum has on display African prehistorical and historical artifacts, and memorabilia related to Scottish missionary David Livingstone and his exploration of the region in the 1850s.

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