Zambia Beer Festival In 2009; The First of Its Kind!

On 25th September 2009 the first Zambia beer festival was held at the Barclays Sports Complex in Lusaka.

The festival was organized by Zambian Breweries for a period of three days.

The reason for this beer festival in Zambia?

Beer Festival In Zambia

The festival was an attempt or rather a quest to raise standards of the beer lifestyle in Zambia. The company wanted to introduce the public to different types of beer that are enjoyed in other parts of the world.

The whole undertaking gobbled $ 100,000.00.

The Sports Complex was parked with assorted motor vehicles, inside and outside. The occasion was a fundraising event and the proceedings were going to be given to charity.

A dominating marquee had been imposed and about six tents had been pitched on the lush green at Barclays Sports Complex.

To entertain the imbibers, a musical band and food were provided. Indeed the place was full of families, friends and business partners.

As a part of a fundraising aspect, an auction was organized and winners were to go to tourist destinations such as Chiawa.

Members of the public were required to part away with K 50,000.00 (K 50.00) as an entry fee and there after enjoy about 18 types of beers which were on display.

And meanwhile the POST Lifestyle dated 4th October 2009 reported that "while the Zambian Beer Festival came a few days before the month of October, it remains to be seen if it would reach the statue that its European kin has attained within a long-term couch."

As usual, new things come with new feelings and Zambia’s first Beer Festival was no exception. Some people felt that the entry fee was too high, although noting that the much sought draught beer was cheaper at K 7,500 (7.5) per mug.

Even though beer drinking has become a major component of Zambian lifestyle, those with the other views calculated how many lagers one could buy from K 50,000 (K 50.00).

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