Zambia Sugar Plc - Zambia's Largest Sugar Producer

Zambia's largest sugar producer, Zambia Sugar Plc is found in Mazabuka where its main activities are the growing of sugarcane on an irrigated Estate of approximately 14, 640 ha, and the production and marketing of sugar and downstream products.

Zambia Sugar Plc is a long term investor in Zambia, delivering shared benefits to government, local communities and the private sector through the positive socio-economic impacts of its operations and corporate activities at Mazabuka, in Lusaka and around the country.

This is done at the Nakambala Sugar plantation on Kafue flats, just a few kilometers outside town towards Livingstone.

The sugar is sold both locally and regionally. The company’s other products at its Nakambala factory includes Molasses. This is a by-product which is sold as stock feed on the local and regional markets.

Zambia SugarZambia Sugar

Zambia Sugar exports a third of its sugar into the regional market while another third is exported to the EU, with the remainder being offloaded on the local market.

Zambia Sugar is a subsidiary of Illovo Sugar Group. This is a South African based company and holds an 81.6% stake in the Zambia Sugar. Illovo has other branches in Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Swaziland, Mozambique, and South Africa.

Benefits of Zambia Sugar Plc

The benefits of Zambia Sugar  to government, local communities and the private sector at Mazabuka, Lusaka and around the country are as follows...

  •  It aims to reduce the Illovos shareholding and increase Zambian investment. Seven Local institutional shareholders acquired around 78% of all shares sold.
  • It employs more than 6000 employees. Over 6,000 are directly employed and over 3,000 supported through out growers.
  •  The company contributes to the community. It is involved in the phased upgrade of radio station for the benefit of 1.8 million listeners.
  •  It is investing in education through sponsoring of schools and supporting a number of traditional and cultural ceremonies, football clubs and community projects.
  •  It is providing clean drinking water to 16,000 residents of the Nakambala Estate and delivering bulk raw water to the Water Utility firm for distribution to the more than 250,000 Mazabuka residents.
  •  The company is involved in construction. It has constructed a new medical centre, which supports employees, their dependants and local community members. It has provided a generator for life support care of patients at Monze Mission hospital. It facilitated the construction of a maternity ward and the rehabilitation of two other wards at the Mazabuka District Hospital.
  • The Zambia Sugar factory is a “Power Island”.Its energy requirements are harnessed from renewable bagasse sources, reducing demand for electricity on the national grid. It has reduced chemical waste by replacing chemical filtration with non-chemical methods.
  • The company is committed to uplifting  rural communities.It also procures sugar cane from independent small holder farmers, including over 250 small farmers , thereby helping them to create profitable independent businesses.

Contact Details

P.O. Box 670240
Physical Address
Zambia Sugar Plc
Nakambala Sugar Estate
Lubombo Road

Tel: +260 21 3 230 394
Fax: +260 21 3 230 116

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