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The Zambia Advisor, Issue # 3, People Are Asking About Zambia!
April 09, 2010

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The zambia Advisor

People Are Asking About Zambia!

Issue #3, April 9th 2010


Whether you stay in Zambia or not, probably you have moved around Zambia or you have gone around and seen places.

To that end, you may have knowledge of the so many places you have visited.This knowledge could be valuable to the world out there.

Actually, you were not the first or the last to visit Zambia or if you are Zambian, you were not the first or the last to go places.

More people are still coming and more people are still moving, especially during holidays!

Here is an example about me; have you heard about Kafue River Cliff?

Probably not. But If you wanted to, I would give you all information about it. Yes, I have been there. I would tell you where it is, how to get there, etc…

In short, if you had asked me, my answer would have been...

Click here and find my answer about Kafue River Cliff

This is a good example.

What about you? Would you be able to provide answers about certain places you have visited in Zambia?

Try this one…

Click here and answer a question about Kampirimponshi.

Did you know what is so good about the Internet? Yes, this is the good news; you can contribute, become a reporter and editor, to the world at large!

Bookmark this "Ask About Zambia" page. It will be teeming with questions for you to answer!

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I’d love to hear from you. Just reply to this zine and tell me what you think!
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