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The Zambia Advisor, Issue # 4, Have A Passion for Travel? Its Business!
September 01, 2010

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The zambia Advisor

Have A Passion For Travel? Make It A Business!

Issue #4, September 1st 2010


The fact that you have subscribed to the Zambia advisor e-zine shows that you have interest in travel.

Travel is a favorite pastime of many, including me! Of course we know that this is a time when families and friends get together and escape into a world of relaxation and leisure.

You know what? Millions of people the world over prepare for their vacations and most of them don’t have an idea of the potential online opportunities that lie within their future trip. Yes, people do not associate leisure activities such as travel with a life time income.

Online opportunities are there. When it come to information based affiliate businesses (selling other peoples’ products), the Net is still very young.

I am aware that most people are looking for a way out of their humdrum 9 to 5 (working 9 hours every day for 5 days) without realizing they could be one vacation away from a prosperous deal!

Can I really Start A business In Travel?

Ok, you may be stuck and feel that you do not know much about a topic to build a profitable business.

This is why I have sent this e-zine about travel business. It is a great subject that every one can relate to. Who doesn’t have their favorite destination sport? How many people travel to certain cities just to eat at a certain restaurant?

You say you do not travel much? But surely, you know enough about a certain place in your own town that people are going to visit. Each year, more and more people are going online to find information on their future trip or favorite destination and you are there the “expert” to provide that information!

You do not need to become a travel agent for you to capitalize on the numerous affiliate income opportunities. All you have to do is become the ultimate insider of the area you are familiar with. Before long you will discover that your SBI! Site ranks high in the major Search Engines for popular keyword searches related to your site’s theme.

But I Do Not Know How To Build A website!

I had the same worries. If you check my about me and my new profession!, I have explained that I am an Accountant by profession, but now I am building the website.

Why I Chose SBI!

With SBI, you do not need to know HTML for you to build a website. If “technically challenged” people like me can build a website, you can also do it! All the tools are in one place. You do not need to outsource these tools from different providers.

SBI works!

There are thousands of people who can attest to the fact that SBI! Works. Luisa Cupeles travel site, outranks many of the big-named companies for some very competitive travel- related keywords.

Check out her story at


See how is changing the way people view travel. It can mean much more than just a trip with family or friends.

Have A Passion For Travel? Make It a Business!

See you on 1st October 2010!

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