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The Zambia Advisor, Issue # 9, WordPress Or SBI!
February 02, 2012

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WordPress Or SBI!? – Is The Question To Ask If You Want To Create A website in 2012!

Issue #9, January 1st 2012


For most people, if they want to start a blog the automatic choice has become WordPress. And it’s fine. It’s good and it’s free…But

If you want to start an online business, the automatic choice has also become WordPress. And that’s bad.

WordPress-hosted sites and blogs get near-zero traffic. It has no tools that SBI has…. I will explain that later…

Probably you may be a programmer and have outstanding technical skills to build your website but with no knowledge of business and marketing.

Most programmers build their own websites just fine but they fail at building traffic and making money. They create sites that virtually no one visits. Running an online business requires a whole different skill set. Well, don’t be just technically savvy – learn some business savvy too.

Traffic is very important in online, as well as off line businesses.

Without traffic there is no income.

Without income, there is no business.

So, SBI is a good choice, not only for those who are technically challenged like me, but even for the technically savvy individuals to learn the business side too.

But then What is SBI?

This is a service for people who want to start their own internet business.

They provide the hosting, tools and education to help you create a real business that generates income for you.

Why I am recommending SBI?

The first reason, I use it myself.

The second reason?

For anyone to create an income generating website, and if he is not using SBI, he needs to hunt for resources all over the internet, instead of having everything in one central location.

This is where SBI comes in. SBI offers a massive amount of educational resources, support, and tools to help people learn and implement things the easy way.

Okay, would you like to know more about why WordPress is probably the worst way to start an online business?

Read the following “Do The Math’’ article…


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