Zambian Birding Safaris

Zambian birding safaris are mostly undertaken using three main different ways; through canoeing safaris, walking safaris or a birding drive in the park. Any of the three will give you a full experience and enjoyment of the abundant Zambian birdlife!

Some of The Zambian Birding Safaris Destinations...

Bird Sanctuaries

With varying geographical features such as the miombo woodland, the savanna grasslands, the wetlands of Lonchivar national park, Bangweulu and the Blue lagoon on the Kafue flats, the variety of bird species also vary according to the environment.

Zambia has water birds, fish-eaters, woodland species and migrants within its different habitats. There are three distinct living environments where birding lovers can enjoy the unspoiled scenery the country has to offer. The savanna grasslands and wetlands have high diversity of bird species. They have adapted to an amazing variety of habitats.

The Kafue flats (Lochinvar National Park) and Bangweulu wetlands are the country’s most well-known bird sanctuaries. The Kasanka National Park is also famous for its annual fruit bats migration.

Lochinvar National Park

Located on the southern edge of the Kafue Flats, the Park extends for 33kms from the Kafue River in the north to low wooded hills in the south. It is especially well known for the abundant species of water birds.

Lochinvar National Park is not well known for large Game animals. But it’s a popular Zambian Birding safaris destination. Lochinvar National Park boasts of over 420 bird species in its 428 square kilometers.

The next time you are on a birding safari in Zambia or you want to know more about the birds of Zambia, put the Lonchivar national park in you diary.

Kasanka National Park

The Kasanka fruit bats migration is the largest mammal migration in the world. The straw colored fruit bats migrate from the central African region to Kasanka National Park annually. The fruit bats are known to travel great distances.

Each year (November to December), the ripening ‘musuku’ and ‘mpundu’ fruits attract an estimated 10 million migrating fruit bats. They congregate on an area of the ‘mushitu’ forest due to the readily available wild fruits.

Lake Bangweulu

The Bangweulu wetland and the surrounding swamps form an important ecosystem for many species of migratory birds and support a diversity of water birds. The Bangweulu wetland consists of the Bangweulu Swamps, the Bangweulu floodplain and the Lake Bangweulu.

Lake Bangweulu is a beauty among the Zambian Lakes. In local language, 'Bangweulu' means 'The Place Where the Water Meets the Sky.' And it’s true when you look at the waters of Lake Bangweulu, the lake seems to be blending with the sky at the horizon.

Lake Bangweulu lies between Luapula and Northern Provinces of Zambia. The lake expands in size when its swamps and floodplains get flooded after the rainy season.

Zambian Bird Species

Different bird species have been recorded throughout Zambia. Species like the malachite king fisher, the common squacco, yellow billed egret, the secretary bird, the Wattled crane, folk tailed drongo, scrub robin, the horn bill, the arnot's chart and a host of other sun birds. This makes Zambian Birding safaris very rewarding experiences.

The country is home to more than 740 species of birds. 12 of these species are however threatened with extinction. This is mostly due to encroachment on their natural habitat through the development of agriculture, homes, or businesses in the area.

Endangered Species

Some of the endangered Zambia’s bird species include the Wattled Crane, Slaty Egret, Blue Swallow, Lesser Kestrel, Taita Falcon, Corn Crake and Papyrus Yellow Warbler.

And some bird species like, Shoebill Madagascar Chaplin’s Barbet, Lesser Flamingo, Great Snipe and Pallid Harrier are threatened.

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