Baobab College
A Unique Studying Experience!

Baobab College has boarding facilities for primary and secondary students in two boarding houses. Secondary students have the alternative of being either weekly or full boarders while Primary students are weekly boarders only.

At Baobab, you are guaranteed of a different studying experience! Achieving your career pursuits is a priority at the College.


Baobab College PremisesBaobab College Premises

Baobab College is located along the Great North Road and it is easily accessible by road from either the Southern direction or the Northern direction using the Great North Road.

School Facilities

Baobab College has a variety of facilities for its students which make learning at Baobab a very easy and pleasurable experience. Some of these facilities include the following:

  • Swimming Pool (25m)
  • Tennis Courts
  • Play  Grounds
  • Well Stocked Library
  • IT Facilities
  • Student Canteen

Baobab College strives to provide the highest quality education in accordance with its mission statement which states;

To create an excellent learning environment and to develop skills and knowledge. Our students will benefit from the exposure of life in Zambia as well as exposure to the different cultures within our school; ensuring their preparation in positively contributing to an ever changing global society. 

Advantages of Studying At Baobab College

  • Latest Study Materials
  • Qualified and Experienced Lecturing Staff
  • Team Work And Community Spirit
  • Well Furnished Accommodation

For Admissions And Other Contact Info

Baobab College
Kafue Road, Lilayi Lusaka
P.O Box 350099
Chilanga Zambia
+2609 6687 6804
+2602 1184 0438

Website: Click Here And Get More Info On Their Website!

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