Cheap Hotels In Italy
The birthplace of Western Culture 

Check out the top cheap hotels in Italy or Italia in Italian, often described as a country shaped like a boot and recognised as the birthplace of western culture.  The country is relatively prosperous, mainly due to tourism.

Cheap Hotels In Italy

Naples (Napoli)

Other Great Hotels In Italy...

Italy is also renowned for its stunning coast, and mountain ranges - the Alps and Apennines -, cool fashion industry and enjoyable cuisine, indeed, that’s the reason why it is dubbed as the beautiful Country!

The capital of Italy is Rome, one of the oldest of the world’s great cities. 

Tourists go to Italy to see its great monuments and works of art as well as to enjoy “La dolce vita”, or "The sweet life," -  rugged landscape, upscale hotels, designer fashions, the Blue Grotto, convertible cars, Vatican Museums, Michelangelo's masterpieces, Neapolitan pizza, olive oil, gladiators, volcanoes….

Other major cities in the country include…

  • Genoa, an important port bringing in tourism and trade.
  • Naples, one of the oldest cities of the Western world and the birth-place of pizza
  • Venice, the city of canals
  • Milan, Italy’s fashion capital

Also, Italy has been home to many influential figures in the history of art, science and writing, such as…

  • Michelangelo Buonarroti, the painter, sculptor, painter, and poet
  • Giuseppe Verdi, the opera composer 
  • Dante Alighieri, the poet

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