Congratulations Zambia!!!!!!!!

by Francisco Massongo Manjimela
(Luanda, Angola)

I congratulate you,all PEACE loving Zambians for demonstrating to the world that Africa, is capable of maintaining peace and stability during and after an election, once the west has not taken any side/encroach themselves, showing that they are the masters of democracy yet they are not.

As you know that us, in the sub-saharan region are not considered as anything hence their support in the Northern Africa of dehumanising the black Africans who are there, in Libya.

Secondly, my humble advice to HE MC Sata is that, He must start to work and never to think of any revenge to any of his perceived enemies, must emulate HE NM Mandela of RSA what he did to his enemies, but instead united every South African regardless of their status.

Don't waste the Zambians' time on personal matter/issues of revenge. Zambians need development and not hatred. Take care of every Zambian regardless of their political affiliation since you are now their only leader.

Let the spirit of humbleness, kindness and love for all been seen in every aspect of your government. Peace makers live longer than others.

I salute you, all Zambians for heading to Dr. DK Kaunda's advice of accepting the will of the Zambian people. Let us preserve our old guards so that we can benefit more out of their vast life experiences.

And for HE RB Banda for accepting the will of the Zambian people. Be blessed all of you!!!

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Sep 26, 2011
Africa, What it needs? Level headed Leadership
by: Manjimela FM.

Africa has the future of the world. The times ahead of us are crucial.

The Sub-Saharan region can sustain even the world because of the natural resources given by the Almighty GOD, once care is fully taken by all, leaders and us.

I love to see leadership that is committed to the principle of developing & defending Africa.

We must emulate the Eastern World, which is competing FAVORABLY with the West; who were nothing before.

Africa must put emphasize on trade with other nations. This will help develop our industries by exchanging ideas, natural and human resources.

If we look at England what it was before 14th Century; It was only a producer of cotton, and selling it to Spain and Italy, but when the new King changed the minds of the British people from being only producers of raw materials and exporting them; to being producers of end use products and then export them; their economy completely turned upside down for the betterment of all the British people and became one of the industrialized countries of the world.

So, this is what Africa needs to do if we are to stop being CRYING BABIES of the World whenever we have a problem.

We need radical leaders in Africa with love, firm, solid hearts & straight minds for our continent.

I urge all to read a book written by one of the daughters of Africa, the late Wangari Maathai (who has past away) of Kenya entitled, "THE CHALLENGE FOR AFRICA". She has left behind a great symbol, once heeded to, will help Africa to seeing change in all aspects of life.

We must learn to take care of our OLD GUARDS, & learn from them. They know what it took them to have Africa liberated.

Africa will only be developed by Africans as other continents have been developed by their inhabitants.

It took America more than 200 years to develop its democracy. So, it will take Africa some time to fully develop its democracy and not 20 years.

If, I may give an example of my country, Angola; from 1400 to 1975, it was under the Portuguese reign, for 575 years. From 1976 to 2002, it was experiencing a devastating civil war. So, Angola is only at self rule of peace for less than 10 years. 602 years have been wasted.

Who is to blame, AFRICA? We must ponder upon this!

Therefore, President MC Sata of Zambia must Zambians' precious time by to develop and unite Zambians. This is what I expect from all our African leaders. There is too much hatred amongst us on the expense of Africa's development. WE MUST DO AS WE SEE IT FIT, AND NOT AS THEY DICTATE TO US!

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