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Oct 30, 2015
Damages And Responsibility
by: Daniel

The Zambian customary law assumes that impregnating a young lady who has never been married or born any child before demands payment of all applicable fees paid when asking a lady's hand in marriage. If the lady is of age, the immediate responsibility the man is assumed to take is taking her for marriage unless the two parties involved reaches a compromise to the contrary.

There will then be a surcharge on such fees probably this is meant to sooth the parents of the shock, embarrassment and any inconvenience suffered apart from making a man pay for being stealthy when causing a lady to fall pregnant.

You must also be aware that different cultures will demand for different valuables or values of money. Similarly, different families within the same culture will demand different values for such damages. So, the amounts charged are a matter of subjective consideration.

As for the [child], some cultures desire that the child is taken care of by both parents with full commitment and love, whether the parents are married or not. That is, the child is free to live with his mother or father or the relatives of either of the parents. This must not inconvenience the child's privileges, rights or peace of mind and mutual understanding is therefore, of cardinal importance.

However, just as the case is with married parents, the father is expected to take the leading role in the care and maintenance of the child. There is however a natural perception that mothers provide a better custody of the children than do the fathers. For these, reasons the mother as long as she lives should be left to live with the child while the father continues to provide the needful support until the child is ready to take care of himself. It is also important to consider that the rightful father is introduced to the child and enjoy full rights to the child.

Otherwise, building a house for the mother is not justifiable unless she just wants to be helped. On humanitarian consideration however, the man may help her secure shelter. In most cases, some ladies face rejection by their relatives when they fall pregnant. Thus all the privileges they were enjoying are withdrawn and they completely lose out on their most valuable future prospects. To this effect, let than man consider what impact his earlier involvement with that lady has brought on her. Forget the other man she is staying with as a husband because whether she divorces him or not, the father of her first born-child will not marry her.

Finally I would say, had that lady been doing well in life, she would not have demanded for the house from her nearest neighbor (father of her 1st child). If he once cause her to regret, let him cause her to regain her hope to live for the future.

Oct 28, 2015
Child Maintenance
by: Kaluba

There's no prescribed amount of money one should pay for child maintenance. One should consider the needs that are in place for the child. Then these needs can be calculated in monitory form. Issues like fees are quite straight forward where one can just be sending money direct into the school account. Then these other needs can be discussed with the mother to the child and agree on the systems for paying. Concerning medical fees, a medial scheme can be appropriate for the child.

On the other hand, I can advise the father in this case to just adopt the child following appropriate channels considering that the law favors the best interest of the child.


Oct 28, 2015
Family Discussion
by: Anonymous

Hey, you have to sit down with her family and your family and your main concern has to be on the child.

Oct 27, 2015
by: Joel

This query is open to all readers of Zambia

Your answers are welcome!

All the best,


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