Eastern Zambia – Home To N’cwala and Kulamba Traditional Ceremonies

Eastern Zambia, or more appropriately, Eastern province of Zambia is a very important region. The region contributes to the economy of Zambia. Why, South Luangwa National Park is hosted here!

Also if you didn’t know, N’cwala and Kulamba Traditional ceremonies of the Ngoni and Chewa people are celebrated here.

Other traditional ceremonies though of not lesser importance are:

  • Tuwimba ceremony of the Nsenga tribe in senior chief Kalindawalo, Petauke district
  • Zengani ceremony of the Tumbuka tribe in senior chief Magodi, Lundazi district
  • Kwenje ceremony of the Senga tribe in senior chief Kambombo, Chama district
  • Malaila ceremony of the Kunda tribe in senior chief Nsefu, Mambwe district

Eastern Zambia also plays a pivotal role in agriculture. Maize, Tobacco, groundnuts and Cotton are produced at commercial scale.

Towns In Eastern Zambia

Major towns in eastern of Zambia are Chipata, Katete, Petauke, Nyimba, Chama, Chadiza and Lundazi. Precious and semi-precious minerals are found in Lundazi, Nyimba and some parts of Petauke.

Former President, Rupiah Banda and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu come from eastern Province.

Eastern Zambia Development

The region is relatively developed in terms of air transport, health, education, telecommunication, road network and general infrastructure, more especially in Chipata City.

You will also find a number of lodges, travel agents, banks and micro finance institutions more especially in Chipata City. There are also Supper Markets and Shopping Malls. Some filling stations operate 24 hours.

How To Get There

There are direct flights (Proflight) between Chipata and Lusaka, a distance of approximately 550 kilometres away. You can also connect to Eastern Zambia by using public luxury coaches. These buses are more reliable, comfortable and arrive on time.

Where To Stay

More lodges are found in Chipata and South Luangwa National Park being a city and a Zambian tourist attraction respectively.

  • Fern hotel and Training Centre. +260 977 967 235, +260 97880346 Katopola Road, off Airport Road Motel Area – Chipata
  • Wise Donkey Guest House. +260 974168696, +260 964 138 844. Plot 2515, off katopola Road, old Jim – Chipata
  • Chipembele Lodge And Campsite. +260 974 035 699 – Along airport Road, Just 400m from Great East Junction, Motel Area – Chipata
  • Franklyn Gardens. +260 978 649 643. Lumumba Road – Chipata.
  • Tiwale lodge. +260 977 767 476, +260 978 436 162
  • Pine View Guest House. +260 213 221 633, +260 977 232 735, +260 979 383 231, +260 966 753 371, +260 955 787 615. Plot 1530, off Lumumba Road, 400 metres from Shoprite - Chipata
  • Jemita Guest House. +260 212 223 166, +260 977 767 480. Nasser/DK Road, Holly wood Area- Chipata
  • Lundazi Castle. +260 978 771 566 – Lundazi

South Luangwa Lodges & Camps

However, if you are a tourist in the South Luangwa National Park, here are some of the lodges and camps you can select from…

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