The Flatdogs Camp

The Flatdogs Camp is ideally located near Mfuwe main gate, the gateway to South Luangwa National Park. The Camp offers walking safaris and game drives in the South Luangwa National Park.

Flatdog Camp - SLNPFlatdogs Camp - South Luangwa National Park

The South Luangwa Park is famous for its walking safaris. In fact, walking safaris are known to have originated in the south Luangwa! 

These safaris are breathtakingly awesome as they allow you to experience the wildness of the game park on a personal level.

Furthermore, there is simply no better way of viewing the untamed African wildlife than on foot. You are welcome to start your adventure at Flatdogs!

Best Time To Be There

The dry season, which runs from April to October, is the most favourable time. Walking safaris are undertaken at the Camp during this period. With the shortage of water, more animals gather at the dwindling water sources. This in itself makes for a great spectacle.

Accommodation At The Flatdogs Camp

The Camp guarantees you quality service at your disposal. On offer are comfortably furnished and luxurious guest rooms consisting of Chalet Rooms, en suite Safari Tents and the Jackalberry Tree House.

Where Found

Once you get to Mfuwe, airport transfers can be arranged from the airport to Flatdogs. It just takes about 35 minutes driving by road to the Camp.

On the other hand, driving from Chipata to Flatdogs takes about 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs. For more detailed information on how to get to the Camp, please click here.

Out And About

The Camp offers a variety of activities including game viewing (guided) which can be walking Safaris, game drives (day or night), birding safaris and sunset boat cruises.


The South Luangwa National Park has got an astounding concentration of wildlife. And Flatdogs is there to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest!

There are the herbivores, which are the most plentiful. Their large numbers are due to the large amount and variety of vegetation. The largest land mammal, the elephant, is easy to spot and roams in herds of up to 70.

The other large mammal which you definitely can’t miss is the Hippo. The Luangwa River and valley has quite a high concentration of hippos—about 50 per square Km.

Other herbivores include the zebra, which occurs in herds of about a dozen, the buffalo, the antelope and the thornicrafts giraffe.

The other animal species are the carnivores like the lion, the elusive leopard, the cheetah, the crocodile, the hyena, the wild dog, the caracal, the serval and the rare side striped jackal.

The park is also home to over 400 bird species. It is a birder’s paradise. Some of the spectacular birds include the wading birds such as the water fowl and the elegant crowned cranes.


Flatdogs Camp
P.O. Box 125
Tel: +260 (0)216 246038 or +260 (0)977 485873

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