Interesting Places In Zambia

Before we look at interesting places in Zambia, here are the few facts about the country... 

The country is a landlocked and found in southern Africa. Its capital city is Lusaka, which is the largest city in Zambia. 

The official language of Zambia is English, but there are more than 70 indigenous languages spoken. The climate in Zambia is mild due to the country's elevation. 

Now, here are some of the most interesting places in Zambia…

Victoria Falls

One of the interesting places in Zambia is Victoria Falls. Among the Seven Wonders of the World, it is the largest waterfall on the planet. This is a place that one must visit if you happen to be in Zambia even though it is for just a day. The Victoria Falls is very awe inspiring, and it even came to be known as “Mosi-oa-Tunya” which means “The Smoke that Thunders.” Once you get there, you will know why this name is very appropriate. 

Even from miles away, the Victoria Falls will still capture your attention as five hundred million cubic meters of water plunges down the Zambezi gorge every minute. There is a path along the rain forest that allows people to see the falls at an excellent distance. The Knife-edge Bridge is one of the particular vantage points whereby people can be able to have a good view of the Eastern Cataract, the Main Falls and also the Boiling Pot whereby the river regularly turns and heads to the Batoka Gorge.

Migration of Animals And Rare Species of Animals

If you love wildlife, then this is the place to be. The Kafue National Park, and the Liuwa Plain National Park are the places to be especially in November. In the Liuwa National Park, you will spot blue wildebeests that are gathered on the plain of this park, and they are in tens of thousands. 

Lions In Zambia
Eagle In Zambia

On the plains of the Kafue National Park, there are lions that can be seen climbing on the sycamore trees that make up part of the vegetation of the park. There is also a rare species of wild dogs that are found in very few places in Africa, and they are an endangered species. Whatever park you find yourself in between these 2, you will locate these wild dogs.

Colonial Remains

Most African countries, including Zambia, were under colonial rule, and there are still evidences of such rule in most of the countries that were colonized. In Zambia, the Shiwa Ng'andu found in the north-eastern side of the country is a large estate that was built by an ambitious British colonial officer. 

The features of the Shiwa Ng'andu ultimately resemble an English environment. There is a working farm as well as well manicured gardens, and there is wildlife that roam around there. If you happen to visit this place, there are tour guides who will be glad to tell you the history of this area and take you around. You could also spend the night in the manor house which is full of English culture.


Of course, you cannot leave Zambia without visiting the outdoor markets in Lusaka. You can get a variety of items that reveal a lot about the African culture, and they can serve as souvenirs for your friends or family. 

For most countries, including Turkey, their citizens will require that they apply for a Turkey Visa in order to gain entry into Zambia. Thus, make sure you make arrangements for obtaining a permit before travelling to Zambia.

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