An International Home Based Business
25 Dollar 1 Up Affiliate Program

The latest international home based business which has caused a lot of buzz and excitement in social media lately is the 25 Dollar 1 Up affiliate program.

25 Dollar 1UP is an affiliate program that requires you, for example to pay a one off amount $35.00 (the hosting of your site costs $10.00) for the basic Gold level and there after you continue to receive the $25.00 amounts from your prospects that you recruit at the Gold level.

As at now, the affiliate program has five levels as follows:

  • Gold Level
  • Platinum Level
  • Diamond Level
  • Enterprise Level
  • Elite Level

Each level has products that come with it. For example the Gold Level gives you…

  • Qualified to Receive $25 Personal and Pass Up Commissions
  • Personal Development Audios
  • Capture Pages With Lead Capture Forms
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Pre-Written Ads
  • Marketing System To Track All of Your Visitors and Leads

So, if you were to buy the first product, the Gold level, the affiliate programs works as follows:

  • The 1st personal referral you keep and earn $25 from that person
  • The 2nd personal referral is passed up to your sponsor or next qualified upline sponsor in line
  • The 3rd personal referral that you refer earns you the $25 commission
  • This means that when you reach your 3rd personally sponsored member you keep all commissions earned at this point

25 Dollar I Up Is An International Home Based Business

Currently, this is the only fastest way to earn an income with an international home based internet business that I have seen!

On my part, I have joined at the Gold level. 

So, interested in joining this international home based business?

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