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My name is Joel Sinkolongo. I am the person behind this site, (Best Travelling Deals!) I was born and bred in Luanshya, Copperbelt, Zambia.

I am very passionate about travelling. I remember very well through-out my working life as an accountant, I used to break away from it all and indulge myself in travel and adventure at every available opportunity!

This passion led me to start a local website, on 24 February 2008. The site was intended for travellers to and within Zambia only. The site later grew and became, thereby serving a worldwide clientele. 

My passion for travel has made me travel wide and far...Why don’t you share with me these travel adventures?

For example…

On a boat cruise with my wife at Kafue River Cliff...

Relaxing at Mubende Country Lodge, Luanshya Zambia...

At Mubende Country Lodge

My wife enjoying a meal at Mubende Country Lodge, Luanshya, Zambia

Enjoying A meal At Mubende Country Lodge

I short a video on the Migthy Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambia...

My Wife and I visited Floriana Executive Lodge in Solwezi, Zambia...

Busy working on my travel site at Cholwa Guest House in Luanshya...

And a myriad of other travel adventures…

Now, the clientele has grown to worldwide proportions making the need to go into partnership with and other renowned travel companies such as, so that through this website you will be able to find the best hotel reviews for your ideal hotel and attractions.

Itsbesttravel.Com Today

Today, Itsbesttarvel.Com continues to grow. The site is mainly a three team labor of love. The other writers are my son, Michael Sinkolongo and my brother, Peter Sinkolongo who have contributed so many articles on the site.

Michael Sinkolongo

My son, Michael Sinkolongo is currently pursuing a degree in Information Technology at the Copperbelt University, Zambia in addition to his already acquired diploma in information Technology. Among the numerous articles that he has contributed on this site is the Ingombe Ilede in Zambia.

Peter Sinkolongo

Peter Sinkolongo

My brother Peter Sinkolongo is also a fanatic traveller. He is a gifted writer, he has a way with words. He has written a lot of articles on this website since its inception in 2008. He had a stint at the University of Zambia. Why don’t you check his classic article on “My Journey By TAZARA From Kapiri Mposhi To Nakonde?

Do you have a passion for travel as well? You are in the right place! So, if you don’t want to miss a thing, why not sign up for free monthly updates in my newsletter below?

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