The Lower Zambezi National Park: A Gem On The Zambezi River

The Lower Zambezi National Park (LZNP) situated in south eastern Zambia on the Zimbabwean border is relatively new compared to other Zambian National Parks. It was declared a National Park in 1983.

The Park is found opposite the Mana Pools Reserve in Zimbabwe, and so the whole area on both sides of the Zambezi River, i.e. Zambia and Zimbabwe is a sanctuary of with wildlife.

Although small and relatively undeveloped compared to most Parks in Zambia, there are more opportunities of getting close to game than the others. The Park has a number of wild animals. The most common are elephant, waterbuck, kudu, hippo, crocodiles, zebra, and buffalo. Sightings of eland, roan and hyena are not rare.

An escarpment prevents the animals from straying away from the valley floor and thus they are confined to the valley. This makes game viewing easy because you don’t have to go far for the animals. The Park is also home to a prolific of over 400 bird species.

Best Time To Go There

Most of the lodges are open from May to December, but a few are open all year round. September and October are the best months for game viewing. Around this time, it’s not unusual to see a large herd of elephants near the river.

Fancy yourself an angler? The Zambezi River awaits you. September to November is the ideal time for tiger fishing and the Zambezi River won’t let you down.


When you in the Park, you should have no worry of where you can spend the night. There are about sixteen lodges and camps in or on the peripherals of the Lower Zambezi National Park. You can take your pick from the following:

Closer To Nature

Once in the National Park you really feel close to nature; first, you rarely meet people during the day and second, sitting and observing the starry heavens at night, away from hustle and bustle of town life is really mind boggling!

Getting To The Park

How do you get to Lower Zambezi National Park? From Johannesburg you can fly straight to Lusaka and then while in Zambia, fly into the Park or you can start from Livingstone and connect to the Lower Zambezi.

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