Luapula Tourist Destinations In Zambia

Luapula tourist destinations include lakes like the Bangweulu, traditional ceremonies and smaller but spectacular waterfalls found in various parts of the province in Zambia. 


The waterfalls are 10 in total, but they are off the beaten track because most tourists flock to the well-known waterfalls like the Victoria Falls in Livingstone.

Some of these beautiful waterfalls are:

Mumbuluma Falls

Mumbuluma FallsMumbuluma Falls

It is 33 Kilometres from Mansa town, found on the Mumbuluma River. 

The Falls are composed of two series of waterfalls.

Mumbuluma Falls are located near a temple built for protective spirits of Makumba and his sister Ngosa, whom it is believed fell from the sky.

Lumangwe Falls

Lumangwe Falls looks like a miniature Victoria Falls. Mist from the falls even sustains a small rain forest. Lumangwe Falls are on the Kalungwishi River.


Chimpepe Falls, which means "something overhanging or sticking out", are also found on the Kalungwishi River.

Ntumbachushi Falls

Situated between Kazembe and Kawambwa in the Luapula Province on the Ng’ona River, the river plunges down 30 meters forming a beautiful water fall. The water of the river (Ng'ona) is used to bath chiefs before they are enthroned to cleanse them of bad luck.

Kundabwika Falls

Located about 95kilometres from Mporokoso, on the Kalungwishi River, Kundabwika Falls consists of two water falls. At its peak, the main waterfalls are seventy meters wide and twenty five meters high.

Lake Bangweulu

Although Lake Bangweulu lies between Luapula and Northern Provinces of Zambia, It plays a very big role in the livelihood of the people of Luapula. 

The largest town on Lake Bangweulu is Samfya (Luapula Province), which originally was a fishing village. Chilubi Island is the largest island, though it is partly in the lake and the other part is in the swamps. Other islands are Mbabala Island, Chishi Island and Lifunge Mwenzi Island. There are numerous other smaller islands as well.

The Lake Bangweulu consists of the Bangweulu Swamps, the Bangweulu floodplain and the Bangweulu wetland. The lake expands in size when its swamps and floodplains get flooded after the rainy season.

Lake Bangweulu is a beauty among the Zambian Lakes. In local language, 'Bangweulu' means 'The Place Where the Water Meets the Sky.' And it’s true when you look at the waters of Lake Bangweulu, the lake seems to be blending with the sky at the horizon.

The lake supports one of the largest fisheries in Zambia.  The most abundant species are catfish, bream, yellow belly and tiger fish.

Other Luapula Tourist Destinations

Traditional Ceremonies


Umutomboko Traditional ceremony is perhaps the best known traditional ceremony in Luapula.

The ceremony of the Lunda people in Luapula Province is held at Mwansabombwe to depict the coming to Zambia by the Lunda and Luba people from Kola in now Congo DR. The ceremony is held in July and is graced by Mwata Kazembe who performs a dance to commemorate the occasion.


Makumba is celebrated in August by the Ushi. It takes place in Mansa. Around October, the Ushi also celebrate another ceremony known as Chibuka.

Next time you come to Zambia, take time to sample the Luapula tourist destinations!

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