Lumwana Town And Urbanization Program?

What is the status of lumwana town livelihood and urbanization program?

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Lumwana Town
by: Anonymous

Hi Anonymous,

Here are a few facts about Lumwana Mines…

Lumwana copper mines is a new mine in the Zambian mining sector. It is a major mining operation located 95 kilometers west of Solwezi, in the north western province and about 300 kilometers west of the copper belt province.Lumwana copper mines was commissioned in 2008 by Equinox minerals and production was started in December that same year.

Initially, Lumwana copper mines were owned by Equinox Minerals, which was later acquired by Barrick Gold Corporation in 2011.

The Town - Livelihood and urbanization program?

A variety of social extras and a wide range of facilities were constructed to make life for the workers attractive in Lumwana town, which had been built from scratch. The mine developers have constructed a new town for its workers including amenities like schools, new housing units for the workers, and a shopping area for the employees and their families. Lumwana is just a whole new mining town!

The Mines

Lumwana mine is the biggest copper mine in Zambia, and one of the biggest in Africa. It is in fact an extension of the traditionally copper mining and processing area of the copper belt province.

Extensive deposits of the ore were discovered in the area and the mining company (Equinox Minerals) has developed two open pit mines, Malundwe and Chimiwungo. Malundwe is the smaller of the two but it has a higher ore grade than Chimiwungo. Apart from copper, Lumwana copper mines also contain uranium deposits as well as other minerals. The mine is said to have reserves of up to 37 years.

The Future

The future of Lumwana copper mines looks promising. Commodity prices on the world market are higher than when the mines started operating in 2008. And this has contributed to the increase in output.

Until recently, most of the mining activities were done on the copper belt province. But the opening up of new mines like the Lumwana copper mines has departed from the usual custom where copper mining was dominated by the copper belt province. The Zambian mining industry is an important component of the Zambian economy.


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