Lusaka To Livingstone – A Road Trip of 487 Kilometers

If you want to travel from Lusaka to Livingstone by road, you are going to cover about 487 kilometers - This may be different from the actual official figures, measured from post office to post office.

The figures here are calculated from the center of each town reached. 

Here is the situation of the road from Lusaka to Livingstone: From Lusaka to Kafue, it’s just right. As you drive from Kafue to Mazabuka, just after 10 kilometers watchout for occasional potholes. From Mazabuka all the way up to Livingstone, the road is very, very good; it’s a marvel to behold! 

So, along the way you will pass through Kafue town, Mazabuka town, Monze town, Pemba town, Choma town, Kalomo town, Zimba town and land in Livingstone City itself. 

The towns which have a lot of activity, and high population are Lusaka, Kafue, Mazabuka, Monze and Choma. 

Let’s begin! 

  • Lusaka to Kafue – 44 kilometers
  • Kafue to Mazabuka – 80 kilometers
  • Mazabuka to Monze – 64 kilometers
  • Monze to Pemba – 36 kilometers
  • Pemba to Choma – 67 kilometers
  • Choma to Kalomo – 66 kilometers
  • Kalomo to Zimba – 51 kilometers
  • Zimba to Livingstone – 79 kilometers 

In total I covered a whopping distance of 487 kilometers! What do you see along the way from Lusaka to Livingstone?

Lusaka City

Lusaka CityLusaka City

Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia. According to the preliminary results of the 2010 Zambia census which were released on 25th January 2011, Lusaka province has a population of 2,198,966 more than that of the copper belt province!


Kafue TownKafue Town

Kafue is near the capital city of Lusaka. Industries here are almost non existent; consequently, most people who live here go to work in the Capital City of Lusaka every day. 

What about banks? You will find Barclays bank on the main road leading from Lusaka to Livingstone and Zambia National Commercial bank in Kafue Estates.

Mazabuka Town

Mazabuka TownMazabuka Town

Mazabuka town is known for its sugar production by the Zambia Sugar Company. The company is situated at the Nakambala Sugar plantation. 

And you won’t miss the shopping malls of Shoprite and Konkola Hypermarket which are prominently seen as you pass through town. 

Of course these and other business activities have attracted the formation of banks such as Barclays bank, Standard chartered bank and National Commercial bank, all situated on either side of the main road.

Monze Town

Monze TownMonze Town

Monze town is the administrative center of Monze district. The town is well known for the Lwiindi Traditional Ceremony. This is an annual festival of thanks giving which is witnessed by a lot of people around the country. It is held at a place called Gonde south of the town.

Pemba Town

Pemba Town, ZambiaPemba Town
Choma TownChoma Town

When in Choma, if you want to find accommodation, go to New Choma Hotel, or the newly opened Golden Pillow lodge.

Kalomo Town

Kalomo Town, ZambiaKalomo Town

Barclays bank and Finance bank are found in Kalomo.

Zimba Town

Zimba Town, ZambiaZimba Town

As you enter Zimba from Lusaka, you will observe the Zimba Mission Hospital.

Livingstone City – The Tourist Capital of Zambia!

Livingstone CityLivingstone City

While in Livingstone, you can pay a visit Mukuni Park Curio Market. This is the place where you can buy any type of hand-carved crafts and curios. Name any type of curio you can imagine, and it is there! 

The place is found on Corner Airport Road and Musi-O-tunya Road on the right hand side towards Victoria Falls. 

Livingstone has a myriad of hotels, guest houses and lodges. But just as you enter the town centre, you can book a room at Fairmount Hotel and Casino

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