Mpika Town

Mpika town is one of the fastest growing towns in Zambia. The town is in Muchinga province. It is 214 kilometres from Kasama, 245 kilometres from Serenje and 178 kilometres from Chinsali. 

Generally the town experiences cold weather. It is on the hilly land, surrounded by streams and a few of the rivers such as Lwitikila River, Mwamfushi River, Lubambala River and Mukungwa River.

Mpika Town CentreTown Centre

The town is populated by mostly Bembas, Bisas and with a growing number of Namwangas.

TAZARA Station - MpikaHeadquarter of TAZARA

It is here where you will find the second biggest workshop in Southern Africa, after South Africa - Tazara Workshop!

Road And Railway Transport

The town is well connected by road as well as by train – TAZARA. In fact the town is the regional headquarters of Tanzania Zambia Railway (TAZARA), in Zambia. The TAZARA rail line runs from Kapiri Mposhi through here to Nakonde in Zambia.

In fact, if you happen to be coming from East Africa, and you want to connect to Zambia, the Tanzania Zambia Railways (TAZARA) has a scheduled passenger train service which operates from Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania to Kapiri Mposhi in central Zambia. This is a nice way to view the country side in Tanzania and Zambia and get acquainted with local customs and culture. 

Bus Station

Mpika Council Bus StationCouncil Bus Station - Cassanova Area
Mpika Bus Station


Mpika Town CentreTown Centre

The town has several compounds or townships; Boma township, Kamwanya township, Chitulika Village, Cassonova  township, Trench town and Tazara compound.


Among the mushrooming schools in the town are Mpika boys Secondary, Chitulika Secondary School, Lwitikila Girls Secondary School, Mpika day Secondary School, Kabale Day Secondary School and Malambwa Day Secondary School.


Just 12 kilometres and 28 kilometres from the Boma is Chilufya Sata General Hospital and Chilonga Mission General Hospital respectively. The other hospital is Mpika District Hospital.

Mpika Lodges, Guesthouses And Hotels

Currently, just as the town keeps on growing, there is also an upswing in the construction of Lodges and Guest Houses. The following are just a few that are found around the new bus station; Bayama’s Lodge - +260977 410 839, M’chez Lodge - +260 974 141 884, +260 974 141 819, Twins Decent Guest House – Box 45020, + 260 979 741 462, Fresh Air Lodge, +260 976 513 500, Email: and Alpha Lodge - +260 976 524 223.

Cassanova Road, Mpika, ZambiaCassanova Road - On The Left Is Bayama's Lodge

Zambia Tourist Attractions

Various Zambian tourist attractions are situated in this area such as Nacikufu curve (about 45-55 kilometres from the Boma), after Chilonga, Lwitikila Falls, Chimbalange Garderns, Kapishya Hotsprings, Mutinondo Wilderness, etc.

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