Mufulira Town – The Place of Abundance

Mufulira town is a border town with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) which is 16 kilometres away. The town is about 400 kilometres north of Lusaka and has a population of about 162,889 (2010 census) people.

Travellers easily connect from Mufulira to Luapula province using the Pedicle road. The nearby towns are Kitwe 54 kilometres, Chingola 62 kilometres, Ndola (via Kitwe) 105 kilometres and Luanshya 100 kilometres away.

Mufulira TownMufulira Town

A Bit of Background Information

It was as early as June 1923 when two experienced prospectors, Moir and Grey, who were working for the Rhodesian Congo Border Concession, found copper carbon stains near the tributary from which the name Mufulira comes from.

From the time it was granted city status in 1937, Mufulira town, the “Place of Abundance”, has been dependent upon copper production until recently when the town has had economic problems due to low commodity prices on the international markets.

Mufulira Town

Famous People

The town has had its share of political stalwarts who once lived here. Dr Kenneth Kaunda was a Head Teacher at Mufulira Mine Secondary School in 1948 before joining politics. Of course we shouldn’t forget Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, Frederick Chiluba Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe and Levy Mwanawasa who also lived in Mufulira.

Have you heard about famous people in Zambia who were in the football fraternity such as Efford Chabala, Kalusha Bwalya, Tolomeo Mwansa, Efford Chabala, Ackim Musenge, Charles Musonda, Elijah Mwale, Ashios Melu, Robertson Zulu, and Samuel Zoom Ndhlovu? They once lived in Mufulira! 

Mufulira Town

Infrastructure In Mufulira Town

Surprisingly enough for its small size the town has over 31 health institutions which include clinics and hospitals and over 99 school institutions which also include government and private schools and over 9 markets in town! 

Mufulira Town

Mufulira Lodges Guesthouses And Hotels

Looking for accommodation where you can spend a night or two? Check out Ndeke Apartments, Ayana Guest House and Kamiria lodge.

Colleges In Mufulira

Mufulira College of Education (MUCE) is found along Kitwe Mufulira road. The college offers the following degree courses among others tailored to practicals, Bachelor of Science Education (4 Years) and Bachelor of Mathematics Education (4 Years).

This is a government college and is affiliated to the University of Zambia (UNZA).

Mufulira Town

Contact Details

Contact details for the college are, The Principal, Mufulira College of Education, P.O Box 40400, Mufulira. Alternatively you can call the College on: Tel: +260 977 755 355 or Email:

For More Info Click Here To Go To The College Website! 

More historical information about the town can be got from an article “A Short History by J L Samaras and an article from the Zambia Daily Mail written by Christine Chihame.

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