National Monuments In Zambia

National Monuments in Zambia include geological sites, waterfalls, old buildings, extra ordinary trees, fossil forests, natural and historical sites and relics. Yes, Zambian monuments include prehistoric monuments, monuments from the colonial era, independence monuments, industrial monuments and natural monuments.

Established in 1947, the National Monuments Commission (now called the National Heritage Conservation Commission-NHCC) is in charge of these sites and relics. 

Today Zambia has well over 89 monuments. The first to be declared a monument was the Victoria Falls in 1948. 

Some of these national monuments are the following:

Lubwa Mission

Declared in 1976, it is the birth place of Zambia’s first president, Kenneth Kaunda. Lubwa mission in Chinsali is where Lubwa House is located.  

Lubwa House was occupied by the first Zambian President (Kenneth Kaunda), from 1945, while he was headmaster of Lubwa Upper Primary School.

Zwangenda’s Burial Site

It is located along the Nakonde-Mbala road in Nakonde district of Muchinga district.

Fort Monze

Found West of Monze, it is one of the earliest colonial police posts established in Zambia.  

Kasama Pioneer Cemetery

It is located along the Kasama-Luwingu road in Northern Province. The cemetery is behind the Zambia National Building Society. 

Fort Zombe

Found in Mbala district along the Mbala-Kaseya road, it is the only known indigenous fortress built in dry walls in Zambia.

Mbala Old Prison

It was the administrative centre of the then North Eastern Rhodesia during the colonial days. It was built in 1912.

Big Tree

The Big tree is a fig tree in the town centre of Kabwe town on the east side of Broadway Street. It served as a meeting place during the early years of Kabwe’s history. 

Victoria Falls Trust Area (Archaeological Sites)

It is located about 5.6 kilometres west of Livingstone town on north side of Sesheke Road. These are early to later Stone Age sites which help in determining the Stone Age cultural sequence in the upper Zambezi valley.

Old Fife

It is located in Nakonde along the Nakonde-Kanyala road. At one time a military training camp, it was a “BOMA” under the British colonial rule.

Victoria Falls

Victoria FallsVictoria Falls

It is in Livingstone in southern province. It was declared a national monument in 1948.

Later in the year 1989, the mighty Victoria was named the heritage Valley, and registered in the Guinness book of records. People from all walks of life, travel and have an opportunity at least in their life time to see the Mighty Victoria Falls

Railway Locomotive Sheds (Livingstone)

Established about in the 1920s, it is now the site of the Livingstone Railway Museum.

David Livingstone Memorial Monument

David Livingstone memorial was erected in at Chitambo village in 1902 in honour of the Scottish missionary by Owen Stroud. David Livingstone died at Chitambo village aged 60 on 1st May 1873.

Mofu Tree

Mofu Tree In NdolaMofu Tree In Ndola

The Mofu tree in Ndola is one of the National Monuments in Zambia. The tree is over 200 years old. It was declared a national monument on 21st March 1976. It symbolizes the need to conserve trees.

The Dag Hammarskjöld Memorial

The Dag Hammarskjöld memorial was erected 11 km west of Ndola, at a place where the Swedish diplomat, Dag Hammarskjöld, former Secretary General of the United Nations, crashed on the 18th September 1961 during a peace mission to Congo D.R (Former Zaire).  

Chirundu Fossil Forest

Chirundu National MonumentChirundu National Monument

When you are approaching Chirundu from Kafue town, just after Siavonga turn-off, less than a kilometre on the right hand side, there is a plaque showing the Chirundu Fossil Forest, an area of petrified trees 50, 000 year-old fossil trees. The reserve is 21 km west of Chirundu just off the main Lusaka - Chirundu road. 

Zambezi Source

Located in Mwinilunga in north western province of Zambia, it is the source of the mighty Zambezi River

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