Norman Carr – Legendary Pioneer of Walking Safaris

Norman Carr was instrumental in wild life conservation and eco-tourism in the south Luangwa national park in the eastern part of Zambia. 

Norman, the legendary pioneer of walking safaris in the south Luangwa national park contributed greatly to the conservation of wildlife in the Luangwa valley. He taught the locals about the importance of conserving wildlife. 

A walking safari is one of the best ways to explore wildlife on foot in its natural habitat and South Luangwa National Park is ideal for this because of its abundant wildlife. 

He was very keen on educating villagers about the importance of preserving wildlife and locals particularly remember him for this.

History of Norman 

Norman – Courtesy of Normancarrsafaris.comNorman J. Carr – Courtesy of

Norman Joseph Carr was born on 19 July 1912. He was known as a pioneer of walking safaris and a wildlife conservationist. He introduced walking safaris during the 1950s. 

For 8 years, Norman was staying at Ngoma camp with two lions which he had tamed. He named them little boy and big boy. 

One day, when he was going through that day’s paper, a lion approached him. Thinking that it was one of his tamed lions, he chased the animal away using a folded newspaper. 

Much to his surprise, he later saw his two lions, little boy and big boy, still locked in the den. He then realised that the lion he had just chased away with a newspaper was not one of his tamed lions, it was from the wild! That’s one story you are certain to be told about in the South Luangwa. 

In March 1961, he established the Central African Safaris (later known as Norman Carr Safaris). Carr started with only one camp, and by 1980, the number had grown to five camps including Luwi, Nsolo, Kakuli and Mchenja. 

Currently, the Safaris runs the following camps; Luwi, Nsolo, Kakuli, Mchenja, Kapani and Chinzombo, the newest addition. Kapani lodge was home to Norman and was established in 1986. 

Norman died on fool’s day, April 1st 1997. His body was cremated and the remains sprinkled along the Luangwa valley. 


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