Roan Mall Is A New Shopping Centre In Luanshya Town

Luanshya town has now a shopping mall known as Roan Mall. The Mall was officially opened on 29 June 2017 by Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda. Shop owners have already started operating in the Roan Shopping Mall. As at this time of writing Shoprite, Hungry Lion and Jel have already started operating. 

The Luanshya Roan Mall is situated in the town centre on the left as you go out of town, just opposite Finance Bank.

The image below shows the Mall as you drive out of Luanshya town…

Roan Mall

Job Opportunities

With the opening of the Mall, already over 250 jobs have been created. It is hoped that when all shops are occupied; over 600 jobs are going to be created.

And the Image below shows the Luanshya shopping mall as you enter the town…

Roan Mall

Luanshya Mall – Why Name It After Roan?

The name is a memento!

Students of Luanshya history know that this name was derived from Roan Antelope which explorer William Collier shot and eventually the company, Roan Antelope Copper Mines Ltd, which operated from the nineteen twenties to around 1990’s, was named after it.

Property Developers And Investors In The Luanshya Mall

Property developers were Z-Mart Group of Companies and Mr Jigensh Soni AKA, Jigo were some of the investors who pumped money into the Luanshya Mall.

Supermarkets In Luanshya

For quite some time, Luanshya town has had standalone supermarkets such as Pick n Pay and Shoprite (Shoprite has now a second outlet in the new shopping mall), but not a shopping mall.

Pick n Pay (The image on the right) hasn’t yet opened an outlet in the mall.

The shop is found on the same road as the Luanshya Mall but on the right at the junction of Independence Avenue and the road leading out of Luanshya. 

Pick n Pay - LuanshyaPick n Pay - Luanshya

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