With Solo Build It! (SBI), I have Started A New Profession!

Yes, you could be wondering! What is this new profession? 

(SBI) Solo Build It! has made it possible for me to build my own website!

By the way, in case you haven’t read my “About Me” page, my name is Joel Sinkolongo and on that page I have explained that I am an Accountant by profession. Accountancy is completely different from being a webmaster.

Solo Build It!

But how did I venture into web creation? Creating my first website, when I was a newbie wasn’t easy.

After working for so many years, until 17 April 2014, I stopped and decided that it was time for a change, to do something that one can put on auto pilot. Unlike the 9 to 5 job which ensures your presence 100 percent! And the internet is ideal for this.

So I started to investigate ways on how I would create my website.

I Got Burned

Being a novice in this area, I did not know that there are “sharks” on the Internet, and so I got burned! There are so many get rich quick (GRQ) packages being offered out there. For a while I concentrated on offers such as “make thousands of dollars without lifting a finger!”, “make one thousand dollars in twenty four hours!”

This is what I wanted to hear. And of course these “sharks” are pandering to the greediness in man. I wanted fast bucks, but it goes without saying that I wasted my time and hard earned money. Promised riches did not materialize. I failed miserably. The sites died a natural death, a painful death - no traffic!


But I was definitely sure that there was something out there! And indeed there was! Eventually, I came across Solo Build It! Now, I didn’t want to go in circles again. I didn’t want to be burned again. I checked and double checked it. Yes, this was it!

For example, would you like to know the latest case studies?

Recently a cross section of 52 Solo Build It! Users were asked why they like SBI and how it has contributed to their success. Here were their answers:

How-SBI-Helps-Solopreneurs-SucceedHow Solo Buid It! Helps Solopreneurs Succeed

Click Here To Read All Their Answers!

SBI! members succeed at unmatched rates and income levels. There is evidence of thousands of satisfied customers who have bought SBI! and worked it and have seen the results!

The Power of Solo Build It!

Do you want to set-up a website but you don’t have any technical knowledge on how to go about it?

I was in the same position just like you. My itsbesttravel.com website is evidence that any one, and including you can do it. Even those who are “technically challenged” like me can be able to build a professional looking website. With SBI, you don’t need to know HTML. Now my site is now so well known!

Just a few examples:

If you enter Zambian inflation into the search engines, my website will appear on the first pages of Google and Yahoo!

Next, if you enter the key word, Kafue town, my itsbesttravel.com site will be on the first page of Google. Notwithstanding the fact that my site which was relatively new had displaced the big guys who had been in this for a long time!

Indeed, there are more pages now on the first page of Google.

What could be better than that? 

How good is SBI!? SBI is a course and a tool package

Incidentally, if you didn’t know, SBI is offered in accredited centers of higher education. Yes SBI! is selected as the way to teach undergraduates, MBAs, and continuing education students on how to build a successful online business, right in the classroom.

And when you “graduate" - instead of a piece of paper, you will walk away with a real, live, working little business.

SBI (Solo Build It!) Is Technically Easy

Using SBI is easy as you are not required to get lost in a sea of technical details. Solo Build It provides hosting as well as an extensive suite of tools to help you build traffic.

With SBI! You are not alone. There is the Solo Build It! members-only forums where there are lots of highly active members who are passionate about helping each other.

When you use SBI to build your website you will come to know how to properly submit your website (Site Map) to the search engines, how to write your web page and proper placement of the key words on the webpage.

Solo Build It! does just that! Not only does it do that but it even goes beyond that by executing for you a host of other technical issues so that you just concentrate on your business.

Can you mention any web host who does that?

How Do You Build An On Line Business With SBI (Solo Build It!)?

Solo Build It! is based on a simple formula called CTPM. This stands for Content, Traffic, Presell and monetize. This means that the first thing you do is to provide content in order to generate traffic which is presold for you to a make a sell. The CTPM (Content, Traffic, Presell and Monetize) process is executed by all the tools needed which are in one place.

Solo Build It assures you of 100X higher rate of success since it provides tools and guidance and coaching to help you succeed.

Well, for people who have no idea of how to write a web page using HTML, (like I was before I started this journey) SBI! is the right choice for them.

For the newbie, you easily build a page by following the SBI! Block-by-block SiteBuilder. This helps you to build pages that delight the visitors and Search Engines without having to know HTML.

Indeed, the SBI! Block-by-block system provides the training ground. Once you have been trained and ready for more you can “take the training wheels off” and upload your own HTML. At this point you can use Dreamweaver, FrontPage or any HTML editor you may choose. SBI! is compatible with all of them.

For a site to be successful, it does not depend on building and hosting. This is where the power of Solo Build It! comes in.

A lot of webmasters have realized the advantages of the “all-tools-in-one-place” approach that they have found in SBI! This approach saves money and time.

With SBI, you no longer need to contact different companies in order to take care of the different aspects of your business. All tools are in one place.

SBI! provides tools such as Brainstorm It!, Content 2.0, Worldsubmitter, SBI! Site Stats, etc. If you were to buy these from outside, they would cost you hundreds of dollars more per year. But with SBI! you get most of these in one single annual payment of $299.00 only!

There is another option. If you cannot afford the above amount, you could opt for monthly instalments of $29.99.

The bottom line?

SBI! is for both newbies and professional webmasters.

Are you tired of those quickly built up sites without web traffic? Why not make an order for Solo Build It!? Remember, there is no risk since there is a money-back guarantee!

Should you have any questions that you want answers to or you want to know any other areas in which SBI! can help you, Please Ask Those Questions Here

I know, you may have a hundred and one questions about SBI!...

You know you can do it, so What Are You Waiting For? 

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