Soweto Market (South West Township Market) 

South West Township or Soweto market is the biggest of the Zambian markets. The market gets its name from SOWETO, a South African township. 

South West Township Market is one place where you can interact with the local people and taste the local Zambian dishes!

Location of Soweto Market

The market is located along Los Angeles road on the western part of Lusaka city. It’s not south-west as the name implies.

Getting There

Mini-buses are the usual mode of quick transportation and depending on which part of the city (Lusaka) you are, this is the best means of transport to get to Soweto market and is readily available.

A mini-bus comes in handy as an alternative means of transport for the low-income earners or those who can’t afford the taxi fare. 

Goods On Sale

The Market is one place where you can get not only your fruits and vegetables, but also your groceries, toiletries, medicines, clothes, furniture, stationary, Zambian curios and even spare parts for your vehicle!

The quality, quantity and price of merchandise vary from one marketer to another. So it’s advisable to visit several different stalls before making a purchase.

Market Stalls

Soweto Market

Each morning, the marketer will display his/her wares and remove them at the end of the day.

There are hundreds of different stalls stocking different goods at the market. There’s the baker’s, the butcher's, the farmer’s, the fishmonger's, the greengrocer's and the grocer’s stalls. The buyer has a lot to choose from.

Apart from stationary marketeers with stalls, the market is also crowded with vendors selling all sorts of items like peeled oranges, assorted medicines, roasted chicken, meat, sausage, fried fish, boiled eggs, soft drinks (including Coke and Fanta) and mineral water.

The vendors usually carry their items either with their hands or on their heads. They sell their merchandise within the market area.


Lusaka being the provincial capital of Lusaka province and the national capital of Zambia, it is a get way to most parts of the country. Hence, the population of the Market is a mixture of people from different tribal affiliations from all parts of the country.

All Zambian tribes and languages can be found. So it’s very easy to pick up one or two words of any local language, especially if it has to do with greetings. It is equally easy to get acquainted with local custom and culture.

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