Wildlife Conservation In Zambia

Wildlife Conservation in Zambia is for all Zambians. Conserving wildlife is about carefully managing wild animal populations to ensure that both present and future generations benefit from the use of them. 

Conservation in Zambia faces various obstacles like some cultural misunderstandings as a result of linguistic and cultural differences. For example in most local languages, such as Bemba and Nsenga languages, there’s no difference between game and meat. 

Both game and meat stands for ‘Inama’ (Bemba language) and ‘Nyama’ (Nsenga language), which means the same for both game (wild) and meat (domesticated e.g. beef, pork or lamb). 

With so much human hardships and poverty among the local communities, wildlife conservation in Zambia faces many obstacles. 


But, some people have not been deterred by the response from the local community. Norman Carr, the legendary pioneer of walking safaris in the South Luangwa National Park contributed significantly to the conservation of wildlife in the Luangwa Valley. He taught the locals about the importance of preserving wildlife. 

One company which is improving and changing lives of many people in the Luangwa Valley (Eastern Zambia) is COMACO, short for Community Markets for Conservation. 

Today, COMACO is transforming a lot of livelihoods in much of the Luangwa Valley through teaching the community in adopting good and sustainable wildlife and land management practices. 

COMACO is a non-profit concern offering incentives to poachers and farmers who adopt and comply with good conservation guidelines regarding wildlife and land management. This is in line with their mission statement which is: 

“Training Small Scale Farmers In The Luangwa Valley To Produce Healthy Organic Foods While Reducing Poverty And Preserving Wildlife And Habitat.’’

COMACO offers the local community alternative income generating activities other than relying on poaching as their only source of food and income. 

The products of COMACO are organic and pesticide free. Their current range of products include peanut butter, roasted and raw peanuts, honey and soya based products, white and brown sugar. 

But you may be wondering, how do you lend your hand to such a noble course? To lend your hand to the conservation efforts of COMACO, just purchase any of their fore mentioned products which are branded ‘Its Wild!’.  

These products are easily available in most supermarkets and shops in Zambia like the Shoprite chain of supermarkets. Through buying a COMACO product (‘Its Wild!’), you are making a difference by helping in conserving wildlife and uplifting rural livelihoods. 

For more information on this, please contact: 

Tel: 0211-234 286
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