Zambia Tourist Attractions… Some of The Best On The Continent

Among the best Zambia tourist attractions are Water Falls, National Parks, Crafts Markets, Museums, Rivers, Hot Springs, Eco Adventures and major towns…

Livingstone The Tourist Capital of Zambia

First and foremost, most of Zambia tourist attractions are found in Livingstone. No wonder, Livingstone is the tourist capital of Zambia!

Now, let’s take a look at some of these Zambian tourist attractions and we will start with…

Victoria Falls Video – Topmost of The Zambia Tourist Attractions

Zambia has over 10 (ten) falls; The Victoria Falls, Kalambo Falls, Chishimba Falls located at about 33 kilometres from Kasama, Ngonye Falls, Mambilima Falls (known as Miniture Victoria Falls), Lumangwe Falls, Ntumba Chushi Falls in Kawambwa, Kabwelume Falls, Kundalila Falls and Mumbuluma Falls.

Zambia National Parks

The Zambian National Parks will give great opportunities for observing wildlife as you go on photographic, walking, birding and canoeing safaris.

Currently there over 20 Zambia national parks. Out of these you will even find the world famous national parks.

You will be able to see rare species and bird migrations. For example in the Kasanka National Park between November and December, millions of fruit bats darken the sky as they migrate. You will see thousands of black Lechwe roaming in the Bangweulu wetlands. In November, thousands of blue wildebeest gather on the plains of Liuwa National Park. You will behold lions swimming in swamps in Kafue National Park.

And if go for canoeing safaris on the lower Zambezi River you will get up close with elephants, hippos and crocodiles and so many others.

Traditional Ceremonies

Zambian Culture

Zambia boasts of a rich cultural heritage. Over seventy seven (77) traditional ceremonies are celebrated in the country. This is not surprising since there are 73 languages spoken in Zambia!

Zambia’s Traditional ceremonies are a form of communication which shows a common heritage of the people of Zambia. The country’s heritage includes crafts, songs, artefacts and dances which have been passed down from generations to generations.

Zambian Lakes

There are over (40) Zambian Lakes. The lakes are of two types, man-made lakes and natural lakes. Some of the man-made lakes are Kariba and Ithezi tezhi, and some natural lakes are Lake Bangweulu, Tanganyika, Mweru-Wantipa. Of these Zambian Lakes, the largest are the lakes Bangweulu, Tanganyika and Kariba.

In fact, Lake Kariba is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world whereas Lake Tanganyika is the world’s longest Lake.

Zambian Rivers

Zambia is a land locked country, but she has been blessed with over sixteen (16) rivers. Among the most important are the Mighty Zambezi River, the Luangwa, Kafue River and The Luapula River.

And for your information, the name Zambia, was derived the might Zambezi River!

Luapula River forms part of the border between the DR Congo and Zambia. It is Africa’s second longest river.

Zambians as well as tourists benefit from these rivers as they offer great opportunities in canoeing safaris, adventure activities and fishing. Along some of these rivers you will find some of Zambia’s wildlife.

Zambian Museums

Choma Museum

Other Zambia tourist attractions are museums. These document the early history and culture of Zambia for posterity. The museum doted around the county are Livingstone Museum, Copperbelt Museum, Lusaka National Museum and Railway Museum.

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