Zambia Weather …
One of The Best In Southern Africa

Are planning to come to Zambia? I can assure you, the Zambia weather is the best that you can experience in this part of Southern Africa!

Zambia Climate

The country is located on the high plateau in central southern Africa. Although the country lies within the tropics, much of it has a pleasant climate because of the altitude. The Zambian climate is as follows: 

The Cool And The Dry Season

This starts from April to mid August. There are variations in temperatures from around 14 degrees to 26 degrees Celsius. The weather is cool and mainly dry, but it’s wet occasionally because of sporadic showers in April. It’s cooler between May and July. 

Yes, the May to July period will be an advantage for you if you are a game lover; game viewing improves because the water is recedes just after the rain season.

The Hot And The Dry Season

The hot and dry season starts in mid August and ends in early November. Temperatures are usually high but expect a few showers between October and November. October is the hottest month in this season.

In the months of August to November, just prior to the rain season, temperatures are high. The season tends to bring animals together to the water sources and this is the best time to view game. 

The Hot And Wet Season

The season starts in November and lasts up to March with heavy tropical storms. Rain fall is heavy between November and January and becomes less from February to April. Don’t forget that November to April is the best time for bird viewing. 

High Temperature Areas

There are variations in seasonal temperatures and in rain fall. The Zambezi, Luangwa and Kafue valleys experience very high temperatures. This can also be said of areas near the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Mweru and Bangweulu

High rainfall levels are experienced in the northern and north western provinces. The levels can be as much as 125cm while the southern part has very little rainfall of about 75cm. 

The Zambia weather is generally moderate and with very little humidity since the country is on the high plateau. 

To Summarize The Zambia Weather… 

Zambia Weather

Everyday is a PARADISE!

Zambian Climate

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