Zambian Canoeing Safaris

Zambian Canoeing Safaris are an exciting alternative for game viewing. In fact, the Zambezi River is Zambia's best Canoeing safari destination.

Zambezi River Canoeing

The area alongside the Zambezi River is home to many birds and animal species. You are guaranteed of an exciting experience as you canoe down the river.

The area has water birds, fish-eaters, woodland species and migrants within its different habitats. Birding lovers will enjoy the unspoiled scenery the river offers.

The Zambezi River around the lower Zambezi National Park on the Zambian side and Mana Pools across the river in Zimbabwe is rich in animal and birdlife.

The area is abundant in Hippos. Sightings of animals like buffalo, zebra, impala, elephant, puku and kudu on the riverbank are not rare.

Canoeing Safaris In Lower Zambezi

Most game is concentrated along the valley floor near the Zambezi River. Lower Zambezi National Park (LZNP) is home to a large population of the big game like buffalos, elephants and hippos. Birdlife is plentiful and the Park makes a good setting for a canoeing safari.

Many Lodges and camps along the Zambezi in lower Zambezi offer canoeing safari trips.

Best Time To Be There

Most of the lodges are open from May to December, but a few are open all year round. September and October are the best months for game viewing. Around this time, it’s not unusual to see a large herd of elephants near the river from the comfort of your canoe.

Some Lodges And Camps Offering Zambian Canoeing Safaris...

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