Zambian Shopping In Cities And Towns

Zambian shopping has undergone a major transition from Supermarkets to Shopping Malls.

Although suburbs like Kabulonga, Northmead, and Woodlands have shopping centres with well stocked shops, and other services such as banks, fast food shops and restaurants.

Going shopping at shopping malls is now the trendy thing especially among the youth. Most youths eat and play at shopping malls. A shopping mall is now a place to see and be seen. 

Shopping malls are turning shopping into an entertainment exposing shoppers to a new experience of shopping. Most Zambian shoppers with access to a mall are now flocking to shopping malls.

At Shopping malls in Zambia, fast food outlets are plenty. Some common ones are Nandos, Mugg and bean, Spur, vasilis and K.F.C. with South African brand names leading the way.

Shopping malls have actually increased the number of South African retailers in Zambia. Most anchor shops at many of the shopping malls in Zambia are South African. 

Lusaka, the capital city is at the top with the most number of shopping malls. The city is home to two of the country’s biggest shopping malls; The Arcades and the Manda Hill Shopping Malls, both located on the Great East road as you’re coming from the airport.

Manda Hill, Lusaka's first official mall in Lusaka, first opened its doors in 2000. Since then, the number of shopping malls in Lusaka has increased and still keeps increasing.

Levy Park Shopping Mall

Levy Business ParkLevy Business Park

A wide variety of shops are found at malls, from high-end boutiques, bookshops, restaurants, some memorabilia shops, supermarkets, clothing shops, jewellery shops , electronics shops to cinemas, banks, night clubs, Hotel(s) and service station(s).

Some Shopping Malls In Zambia

Some of the already established shopping malls in Zambia are:



Mukuba Mall


  • Kafubu Mall
  • Z-Mart
  • Jacaranda


Roan Mall

Other Activities At Shopping Malls In Zambia

To attract even more customers, some shopping malls have other extra shopping activities like the Pakati Sunday market at the Arcades Shopping Centre.

Pakati Sunday market is a congregation of the locals within Lusaka and from neighboring areas who gather to sell their wares which includes carvings, fabrics, art works and jewellery.

Past Shopping Trends

Previously, shoppers were restricted to a selected number of shops or supermarkets with a limited number of goods. With the coming of shopping malls, shoppers are exposed to many shops and fast food outlets of international repute.

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