Zambian Transportation; In And Out Of The Country

Zambian Transportation will largely depend on which part of the country you are going to (or coming from) and how far you are going.

The mode of Zambian Transportation will either be personal or public. If it’s the later, you will have to choose between a taxi (cab), a mini bus or a coach and Rail.

A word of caution: Zambian taxis are generally not metered and so fares are very much a negotiable affair.

Mini buses operate on most of the city streets and you won’t need to go far to find one that’s going your way. And this is the best way to get a closer look at local custom and culture.

If you are travelling using the Zambian public transport for the first time and you don't know which bus is going where, there's no need to worry. The 'call boys' will take care of that.

The 'call boys' are an important part of the Zambian transport system. They will even assist carrying your language to the bus.

Getting Into Zambia

When getting into Zambia, the mode of Zambian Transportation you use, will either be rail, road or air.

Air Transport

Zambia's main entry point is the Kenneth Kaunda international airport in Lusaka.

As of now (2015), Zambia has no national airline (but one is already on the cards) but several international airlines operate out of Lusaka international airport. There are also international airports in Livingstone, Ndola and Mfuwe.  

Rail Transport

Tazara - Zambian TransportattionTazara - Zambian Transportattion

TAZARA (Tanzania Zambia Railways) trains run between Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

Zambia railways operate a scheduled train service between the copper belt in the north and Livingstone in the south through Lusaka.

Road Transport

Mini Bus - Zambian TransportationMini Bus - Transportation In Zambia

Vehicles in Zambia drive on the left side of the road.  If you are driving yourself, make sure you are carrying an international driver’s license.       

You can enter the country using any of the following entry points.

  • Chirundu Border Post (Zambia/ Zimbabwe)
  • Kasumba Lesa Border (Zambia/Congo D.R)
  • Nakonde Border Post (Zambia/Tanzania)
  • Mokambo Border Post (Zambia/Congo D.R)
  • Sakanya Border Post (Zambia/Congo D.R)
  • Kazungula (Zambia/Botswana)
  • Mwami Border Post (Zambia/Malawi). 

You can also take a bus across the border from Malawi, Congo D.R, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Tanzania.

Although Zambia is landlocked, it has a port, and there are regular international ferry services by M/S Liemba at Mpulungu on Lake Tanganyika a few times a week.

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