Australia Augmenting International Flights Till June

Australia has considered the prior need for the safety of people inside and outside the county. A person’s safety is more than anything. Australia has augmented international flights for three months due to an increase in the number of cases for Covid-19. The borders of Australia will remain closed and banned till June 2021 for the safety of people. The government of Australia shows concern for the people as they can’t compromise on the health of people. International flights can bring damage to the country as new cases can be reported, and Covid can increase in the country.

This ban is not for the first time as the government of Australia has banned international flights before March 2020 which was supposed to expire in March 2021. The government has set strict measures to prevent risking the health of people.

The extension of the ban is international but not local. People can transfer within the country in various cities but cannot move out of the country. This leverage is only till there is an increase in the number of more cases. This also means that people who were planning to visit Australia in the coming days would have to delay their plan as flights can be canceled or fare can be extraordinarily expensive with strict SOPs and quarantine rules in some places.

The international arrivals have to carry the mandatory Covid testing before departure. The good news is that the situation may get better within some days and flights may resume anytime.

This is the best initiative taken by the government to ban international flights. By doing so, they can protect the lives of people in the country, and the people who are planning to visit Australia in the next few days. It is the best way to stop the spread of Covid-19.

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