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Top 10 Best Pink Lakes In The World

Top 10 Best Pink Lakes In The World

Have you ever plan a vacation in the summers? Especially on a pink lake? Trust me it is the unique and the best experience you will ever have. According to many types of research most of the pink lakes are salty and have their color due to algae. These lakes are becoming famous for tourism and photographers around the globe. Here are the 10 best pink lakes that are counted among the best lakes around the world.

1. Lake Hiller

Located on Middle Island in Western Australia. Lake Hiller is the pinkest lake around the globe. This lake is situated on the middle island that is permanently pink in color. The best possible way to reach Lake Hiller is to contact the tour agency and ask for guidance.

pinkest lake

2. Lac Rose/ Lake Retba

It is located in Dakar Senegal. This lake contains around 40 percent of the salt and you can easily float around the water. But simultaneously this water can cause harm to your skin if you stayed in there for too long. As the water here is too salty applying any oil cream to your skin will help to prevent it from harm.

pink salt lake

3. Hutt Lagoon

This lake has its pink color due to the growth of algae in it. Located on yallabatharra in Western Australia and is few feet below sea level.

pink salt lakes

4. Pink Lakes

Situated in Victoria, Australia. This lake has a specialty, it only turns pink when there is the right amount of sunlight that interacts with algae to give it a shade of pink. Also, the sand around this lake gets pink color that is not common in every lake.

pink salt lakes

5. Salina De Torrevieja

This lake is situated in Torrevieja, Spain. The quantity of the slat in the lake is not very high that makes the environment of the place to be beautiful for visitors.

pink lake

6. Dusty Rose Lake

Located in Columbia, Canada. This lake has neither algae in it nor much of the salt content, so the reason for the pink color in the lake is still a mystery to us. It is in a very remote location and people find it difficult to access it.

pink rivers

7. Masazir Lake

The salty nature of the lake makes it pink in color. It is situated at Masazir Golu in Azerbaijan.

pink salt lakes

8. Quairading Pink Lake

Found in Australia, there is a road passing through the lakes which enables it to give two shades of pink in the entire year. It can be called a pond rather than a lake.

9. Laguna Colorada

It is found in Bolivia, lake has some red minerals, algae, and borax that give it a darker shade of pink.

10. Champagne Pool

It is situated in New Zealand and you will have an entirely different experience here as carbon dioxide bubbles arise from the bottom. The color of the lake is not solely pink but you will get different shades around the year.


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