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An Action Guide To Safe Winter Camping

An Action Guide To Safe Winter Camping

Going for a winter camp may seem a bit drag but trust me it is the coolest thing ever to be done. You can experience the beauty of wonderland in the low crowd but at the same time, it can be challenging too if you haven’t done preparations. In this case, it can be challenging and tough for you. Winter camping is pretty different from camping in a warmer climate. Here the temperature can drop significantly and it will be a challenging situation for you to stay warm. By following some tips you are all set to go for it.

Hydration and nutrition

Good hydration and healthy nutrition will help you to stay insulated and warm. Eat nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and have some healthy snacks to get maximum energy and warmth.

Warm clothing

Accessories like hats, extra pairs of gloves, sunglasses, and extra pairs of socks are necessary to be taken. Besides accessories puffy jackets, a warmer layer of clothes, additional layers of pants and mufflers are good options to carry.

Build camp in snow

Camping in warm weather is quite different from doing camping in winters as chances are that you will probably be doing it in snow. After reaching your point, take some good rest, have some meal, and wear some extra clothing if you feel the need. Now start to search for a point to place the camp. While searching have some points in your mind;

  • Find a place where there is enough water supply.
  • Be mindful of not placing a camp on-site that is at high risk for sliding.
  • Find a bare ground for camp, also avoid placing camps under damaged trees.
  • Look for some privacy from other campers.
  • Place a camp where there are some landmarks present as it will help to find the camp easily in dark.

Setting your camp on snow

You need to follow some steps while you are setting a camp on snow.

  • First, walk around with your shoes on snow to take off the loose snow aside as it can be melted easily by your body temperature and it will be difficult for you to sleep there.
  • If there is too much wind out there, you can build a wall around your camp with the help of snow but be vigilant of sufficient ventilation.
  • Any item that can destroy or tear away your camp, keep that away as it would be very difficult to survive in such cold weather with ripped tents.

Setting up your dream kitchen

You can dig out the snow and bring it into any form you like. You can create walls, tables, seats, and cooking surfaces depending upon your creativity and imagination.

Some essentials to carry along with you:

  • To have a shelter in winter camping 3 season backpack tent is highly recommended, but if your area is getting heavy snowfalls then 4 season tent would be a good choice.
  • Carry a sleeping bag with you that is 10°F lower than the expected temperature on your destiny.
  • Carry sleeping pads, extra fuel, backup store, and other essentials with you to have a safe and exciting trip.


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