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10 Las Vegas Hacks You Need to Try for the Best Deals

10 Las Vegas Hacks You Need to Try for the Best Deals

You can have many unique experiences in Las Vegas whether it be of drinking at the casino or experiencing great shows but, everything you experience isn’t free. It will cost you some amount. However, you can keep your budget safe while trying some Las Vegas hacks.

1. Las Vegas Player’s Card

Gambling is the most important thing when you visit Las Vegas. Going to casinos and gamble on a Las Vegas player’s card and start to increase your points by gambling more. The more you will gamble the great deals you will get on rooms or meals and even shows.

2. Additional deals online

Planning your vacations early will help you a lot to grab good deals online. Many sites post discounts for publicity and attract people to their shows. Make sure to get a good deal and you are all set for your show.

3. Casinos Drink

Clubs have usually expensive drinks and if you are planning for a night-long hangover-style drinking club will be way too expensive for you! The best way is to gamble at casinos as many casinos offer free drinks to those who are gambling.

4. Head off the Strip

Every time you ask people about where they were in Las Vegas you will get to know the strip. The area is the best without any doubt but you can also find better deals by winning more money from casinos.

5. Uber / Lyft

Lyft and Uber are the common transports use here. They are cheaper than a taxi so you can save your money for casinos!

6. Visit high rated shows

Just because the show is expensive it will be too good isn’t the case every time. Always check for ratings and comments online. There are many shows you will find at an affordable price.

7. Buffet

Buffets here are very affordable. You can also get buffet deals for more convenience. The deal for 24 hours’ costs you cheaper than paying separately for different meals.

8. Travel time

Traveling at the right time to Las Vegas can help you to save more money. Always skip weekends and conventions.

9. Avoid Holidays

Though trips in winter will save you money but avoid some weeks like the holiday week of Christmas, the new year, and thanksgiving. At this time, you will find the prices double the rate.

10. Booking

Booking early can make you save money by getting great hotel deals and discounted airfares.


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