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10 Best Destinations for First Time International Travelers

10 Best Destinations for First Time International Travelers

Though traveling is a great way to spend your vacations in the best way and to relieve all your stress but finding out where to plan a trip can be surely a tough one especially for those who are planning the first time for international travel. Here are some international travel tips for you on what places you should go on for a vacation.

1. Barcelona

In Barcelona, you will find a mixture of ancient preserved architecture with a modern taste of creativity. You will find different mesmerizing cuisines, museums, and different unique shops in Barcelona. The city also has beautiful beaches and convenient hotels for you.

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2. London

London is full of places and things you should see. It is an iconic city you will never get to visit. Big Ben and Tower Bridge in London is a must-see. Trains and Ubers will be your best friend there.

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3. Florence

It is a small city and its self is walkable. It also has a modern train station and you can use that if you are too adventurous. Florence has a taste of Italian culture and offers the best pieces of art and pasta.

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4. Cape Town

People usually do not prefer south Africa for spending vacations but Cape town is a whole another world there. The exchange rate is excellent there and you can use Uber as a means of transport. The best features of the city are malls, beaches, and cool coffee shops.

5. Edinburgh

The city has amazing architecture and colorful streets. The city is mainly divided into an old and new town and you will get fascinating restaurants here.

6. Paris

As a part of first time international travel tips, I will surely recommend Paris to visit. The city has an amazing reputation with cuisines and museums and how can you forget the great Eiffel Tower.

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7. Dublin

You can find the perfect pub culture and historical beauty here in Dublin. The hostility of Dublin is just amazing. People will welcome you here with all their hearts and you will enjoy your trip.

8. Sydney

The beauty of Australia is just fantastic. Though the food and activities out there are a bit expensive but it is worth paying for. People who love adventures and nature’s beauty it is a perfect place for you.

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9. Copenhagen

You will find trendy markets and colorful canals here. Usually, people here take bike and boat rides to travel around the city.

10. Bangkok

It is a place full of western tourism. You will get many English-directed tours here in Bangkok with luxurious hotels and modern malls. The exchange rate here is also excellent.


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