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Safety Travel Tips During Pandemic

Safety Travel Tips During Pandemic

We all know that how this pandemic has affected the world drastically in different ways. Covid-19 can spread more through travel so it is equally important to take care of your safety and the safety of others as well. In this article, you will find things that should be checked while traveling during the pandemic.

Re-consider before you travel:

  • Is it really important for you to travel during this pandemic?
  • Are there hospitals available with empty beds just in case if you are affected by the virus?
  • Does your destiny or home town have any restrictions or demands for travel?

If your travel is necessary:


Get yourself vaccinated if you feel the need to travel. Get all 2 doses done and wait for 2 further weeks after the vaccination so that your body gets time to build up immunity against the virus.

Pre-travel Covid-19 test

Get a Covid-19 test done 24-48 hours before you travel and keep the results with you, as you can be asked to show the results. Do not travel if you test positive for the virus.


Wear your mask all the time and maintain a distance from other public.

Vitals to carry

Always carry a hand sanitizer with you, some extra mask (in case if your mask is spoiled), and pair of gloves if needed.

Things to avoid

Stand at least 6 feet away from other public and avoid the crowd. Do not go on public transports and even on private ones without wearing a mask.

Have a check on travel restrictions

Every government has its travel policies since the pandemic. Keep in mind all of those before you plan anything. Some countries/ places require a negative test result of Covid-19, some demand 7-14 days of quarantine, and some have stayed home orders also. If you are traveling by air, check your airline requirements and plan your travel accordingly.

Types of travel and their considerations:

Bus or train travel

Traveling on bus and train means to have interaction with the crowd on terminals. This increases the risk of Covid-19 so stand at least 6 feet apart from others and practice frequent hand hygiene. Don’t forget your masks though.

Air travel

Here you can come in contact with other people on airport terminals and security lines. You may find it difficult to maintain 6 feet distance on crowded flights but make sure to wear your mask and practice hand hygiene.

After travel things

Not everyone who has covid-19 experiences symptoms so you may be exposed to the virus even if you feel well. So it is important to take some steps to avoid the spread of the virus.

Post-travel test

Get yourself tested 3-5 days after your travel. If you test positive isolate yourself immediately. If you test negative then also complete quarantine of 7 days. If you are not getting yourself tested then you have to be in quarantine for almost 10 days.

Remember we all are now in new normal and are responsible for our safety and other’s health as well.


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