Home Travel Tips 4 Top Camping Facts and Myths you Need to Know

4 Top Camping Facts and Myths you Need to Know

4 Top Camping Facts and Myths you Need to Know

Be it winter or summer, going out camping is one of the best activities one can have. It has so many things associated with it that it is a very wholesome experience.

If you have ever planned a camp out the night with your friends and family, you must have heard a lot of myths and camping fun facts. In this article, we highlight the important facts and debunk the famous myths associated with this activity.

1. It is a great way to Socialise – Fact

When a bunch of friends or family members goes out, it is a great way to know each other better. They gather around a bonfire at night, signing or narrating stories. This strengthens the bond amongst them.

Moreover, the places designated for this purpose usually do not have internet services. This forces people to put down their phones and talk to the people in front of them.

2. It brings you close to Nature – Fact

If you are a nature lover, camping is definitely a thing you will enjoy to the fullest. The entire experience brings you close to mother nature. Here we list down some of the factors that contribute to this:

  • The places where people go out are usually in national parks, which are surrounded by trees
  • Lack of facilities of gas and electricity forces one to use natural methods
  • We are away from the comfort of indoors

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3. It is expensive – Myth

People who usually do not have a history of camping cite the reasons that it’s expensive. This claim might be true to some extent. However, one can always opt for alternatives that will cut down the costs drastically. Here we list some of these tricks:

  • The source most of the items from home
  • Opt for national park passes, which will save you a ton on the location
  • Try to borrow or rent the gear if you are not a frequent camper

4. It is not safe – Myth

Another myth that scares away most people is that it’s not safe. There have been rare instances where people are attacked by wild animals. However, the national parks have now made sufficient arrangements to save people from such instances. They have helplines which can be called if the need arises.


After reading this article, you must have been apprised of camping facts and would want to go just now. We will advise you to act quickly and not miss out on doing numerous cool things for camping.


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