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10 Secret Spots in Los Angeles You Should Definitely Check

10 Secret Spots in Los Angeles You Should Definitely Check

Los Angeles is full of places inside and out. You will find yourself discovering a new place every time you will step out of the house. It could be either intentional or accidental. Many couples and people who want their own time are in search of some hidden places there. So let’s check out some secret spots in Los Angeles.

1. St. Vincent’s Court

On the busy streets of the DownTown jewelry district, you will find a small court in European style. The cappuccino of this place is just awesome. You can enjoy your cappuccino with views of the fountain and bring positivity to your life.

2. The Chandelier Tree

It is counted among the most secret spots in Los Angeles. The tree is lighted up with beautiful and mesmerizing lights to give a romantic sense to the night sky. Couples can go there to have a perfect vibe for them.

3. Bronson Bat Caves

Yes, you guessed it right! It is the place where the original batman series have been made. Except for Batman, this place has been a great location for many other films as well. The caves are present two steps above the trail.

4. Wayfarers Chapel

It is more like the coastal Oasis. It is designed beautifully with blended windows that give you the feel of both being outdoor and indoor.

5. Time Travel Mart

The perfect place to buy supplies you need. It could be either Robot Toupee, a black hole, or a ray gun. The store is nonprofit and supports creative writers.

6. Blind barber

The shop is pretty interesting and is still hidden from the folks. You will enter the shop and will have a haircut, then you can grab a cocktail from the backroom. There is a door on the back wall that is not marked go inside and have a grilled cheese sandwich menu.

7. Amir’s Garden

Far most the best place for hikers! There are many native plants insides. The trees here provide the best shade and a perfect nature connection.

8. Spoke Bicycle Café

Located on the Los Angeles River bike path, it is the place for a cyclist, dog walkers and of course joggers. Here they are offering bike repairs and rental bicycles.

9. Frog town Brewery

Home services for selling brews and seasonal beers are available here. Also, it is a community where you can make your long-term friends.

10. Old Mulholland Highway end

There is a series of dirt trails that lead to Griffith Park. The Griffith has dense cactus and willow trees.


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