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Pro Tips To Travel When You Have No Money

I’m sure many of us have to cancel our traveling plans by saying we don’t have enough money to travel. But this is not the problem anymore now. You don’t need to have a lot of money to travel. Sounds like a dream, let’s make it true now. There can be two ways and we are going to discuss both; how to travel for free and how to travel cheap here.

If you want to travel for free, many places offer free accommodation, transport, and activities alongside but here obviously you will have to make a compromise on your comfort as not everything will come together.

If you are thinking to travel cheaply you will need the assistance of many travel applications and websites that will help you to save money and cut down your extra expenses.

Except for these, there are many other ways by which you can travel easily across the world at cheap or maybe free of cost.

Sharing Economy

By using sharing economy you can find cheap sharing rides, home-cooked meals, cheap accommodation, and enjoy the food of local chefs. Using these websites you can easily find the cheapest supermarkets which locals use, sales at the best stores, and the tasty foods at reasonable prices. Some of these websites include;

  • Airbnb: It includes the best accommodation that fits your budget.
  • EatWith: here you can connect with local chefs for the best food service.
  • Turo: you can easily rent vehicles from locals using Turo.

Travel hack

By using travel credit cards it is way easier to get free flights. All you have to do is use your travel credit card in restaurants, do groceries, and avoid going over budget when shopping. This way you will be able to win free hotel stays and flights.

Staying for free

Many applications connect you with locals who are willing to give you accommodation for free. In this way, you will never have to pay for your accommodations. Moreover, you will also get a chance to meet amazing people every time you will utilize this service.

Free walking tours

By taking free walking tours in major cities. You can easily get to know about these by asking hotel staff or any tourist office.

House and pet sitting

This is a great option if you can’t afford accommodation. All you have to do is just take care of the house and the pet while the family is not there. You can also get free groceries and vehicle usage if they have left it behind.

Doing a job overseas

Don’t love your job? Or your salary is not enough? Why don’t you apply for a job abroad? Many opportunities are available if you look at them thoroughly. It can also be a way to earn money for traveling or to travel if the job offers you so. Working overseas doesn’t require any advanced degree or work experience it offers special discounts also as it seems difficult to work overseas. but one of the realities of working overseas is also you might not find an office job there, instead low waged job will be there for you.

Make Your Travel Easy And Memorable With Best Travel Apps Of 2021


There are many applications available that called themselves the best travel app but some of them are very terrible to use. There are only some of them that are worth paying for. Otherwise, no one wants to pay for useless applications nowadays. Here are the 10 best travel apps that can be used in 2021 for easy travel.


Earlier, it was very difficult to wait in airports with bad foods, expensive Wi-Fi, dirty seats, and every single time to ask for lounges if they could let us in. but now with Loungebuddy, it has become easier. Loungebuddy will help you to find lounges in any airport. All you have to do is to enter your credit card, lounge memberships, your airline tickets, and the app will tell you how many lounges you can access in a particular place.


Have you ever experienced the pain of delayed or cancel flights? Some countries do offer compensation but very few of us receive them. By using AirHelp you can get the issue resolved in a couple of minutes while standing at the airport. State your problem and your flight information. If your claim becomes successful the company only keeps 25 percent while you get the rest of your share.


It is an accommodation app that provides you with searches, descriptions, and filters. The best feature of the application is a full-screen interactive map that helps you to find a hostel at a place you want. Also, it provides helpful reviews to assist you in choosing the best for you.


This app does everything that a website will do for you. It will let you rent rooms, couches, and even an apartment if you wish to. Here you can easily communicate with your host.

Sky Scanner

So far the best application to find cheap flights. It uses over 12000 sources and tells you the cheapest routes or the easiest ones. Moreover, it also lets you know which will be the best months and days for you to takeoff according to prices.

Hotel Tonight

You can search empty hotel rooms and get amazing discount offers at the last minute also. You can do this by searching the city name or any place you want to stay nearby. It will provide you amazing packages with reviews of customers and availability of customer care 24/7.


Triplt is the most used travel organization planner. To use this you have to forward your flight, hotel, restaurant, and car information to their email address.


As the name indicates, this app is all about food. It shows the city’s best-known restaurants, reviews, ratings, and bookings. This application tells you about all restaurants in Asia.

Trail Wallet

It is your expense tracker and the most essential thing when you plan a travel. You can organize your monthly or trip-wise budget here. Set a daily budget limit and enter your daily expenses and you are done.

How To Survive Long Flights Without Being Exhausted


Excited about vacations but are afraid of long flights? Now, you don’t need to worry about them. Instead of cursing the baby who is crying, getting nauseated, and trying to get some sleep you can get relax and enjoy your journey with comfort. Here you will find ways of getting comfortable along with your long flights and change your mind about it.

Ways To Spend Your Time During A Long Flight

Get your chargers and extra batteries ready

Do not forget to take your gadgets and their chargers along with them. If your plane is not supporting electrical outlets you can also take extra batteries or any external charging device but make sure to check whether your plane allows you to do so.

Get your devices ready with entertainment

Check the devices you are taking whether it be mobile, tablet, or laptop that it should have your favorite shows, songs, movies, games, and books already loaded in them. You can also download your airline app if they entertain them.

Check on the eye mask

The eye mask is really helpful as it gives you the perfect environment to sleep. But I don’t prefer wearing those provided by the airlines. Instead, you can bring your ones in which you are comfortable as they will help to induce sleep faster and will provide you a relaxing environment.

Comfy clothes are pro

Not everyone is on the same board on the flight. For some, the environment is next to freezing but others find it too hot. Wear comfortable clothes so that you can spend your journey with ease and comfort. Don’t forget to pack some layers of clothes and socks so you use them wisely when needed.

Soft music and earphones/earplugs

Probably the chances are you will be tired of listening to loud noises on the flight or maybe the baby scream will irritate you. To avoid this pack your earphones in your hand carry and when needed just put them on noise cancellation mode, turn on soft music and enjoy your journey.

Carry some games along with you

If you like to play games and it is a good way to passing your time then definitely you can bring them along with you on flights. You can bring card games, travel scrabble, or other portable games. If not interested in games then you can also bring something to read like a magazine or books whatever you prefer.

Talking and making friends

The most the best way to enjoy on long flights is to talk with other flight attendants. It is one of the best travel tips. Talk to interesting people, listen to their stories, you can also share yours if you want to, and even you can get involved in some deeper discussions of the same interest.

Essentials to carry on a long flight

On a long flight, some things can be counted as essentials and are very necessary to take along with you that includes some snacks, toiletries, medicines, eye mask, earplugs, earphones, books, magazines, warm clothes, hand sanitizer, and wipes.

Top 10 Famous Wonders of India


India is one of the well-known places because of its rich history, culture, and traditions. Let us give a list of the top 10 wonders of India.

1. Taj Mahal

The memorial of the Taj Mahal is India’s seventh wonder of the world which was ordered to be built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz to express his love for her. It is one jewel of Mughal architecture.

wonders of India

2. Mysore Castle

When the castle illuminates at night, its view is to die for and fascinating. It reflects Rajput and Islamic architecture and is one of the best India wonders to visit.

India wonders

3. Gateway of India

It is one of the most popular of India’s wonders. It was the exit gate for Britishers, after the British raj. Marine drive and Arabian sea surround this monument.

India wonders

4. Qutb Minar

This monument representing Persian architecture is 250 feet high from the ground. It has five stories the higher they go the narrower they become. It is made of red bricks.

10 wonders of India

5. Jaisalmer Fort

It is the largest maintained fortified city in the world. It is made of yellow sandstones which give a subtle shine when sun rays fall on it. It is also called a golden fort.

6. Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus

The perfect example of British gothic architecture, this railway station has animal images carved on its walls. This station looks mind-blowing at night because of colorful lights.

7. Hawa Mahal

The eye-catching color theme of pinks and the red sand bricks of the castle fascinate the visitors. It has five stories and 953 windows. The top view of the fort gives the bird’s-eye view of the nearby mahals and museum.

India seven wonders

8. Victoria Memorial

It is the remnant memory of Queen Victoria in India’s city Kolkata. The oil paintings inside the victoria memorial give the visitor a glimpse into the life of Queen Victoria.

9. Ajanta and Ellora caves

India’s iconic monuments, Ajanta and Ellora caves, reflect the history of religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. There are many sculptures carved on the walls of these famous caves.

10. Golden Temple

It is the religious center of the 20 million Sikhs worldwide. Its beauty is because of its mesmerizing building made of pure 24 karat gold.

Golden Temple


If you want to know all about Mughal history and want to see these astonishing monuments of Bharat, keep this list in your mind.

Safety Travel Tips During Pandemic


We all know that how this pandemic has affected the world drastically in different ways. Covid-19 can spread more through travel so it is equally important to take care of your safety and the safety of others as well. In this article, you will find things that should be checked while traveling during the pandemic.

Re-consider before you travel:

  • Is it really important for you to travel during this pandemic?
  • Are there hospitals available with empty beds just in case if you are affected by the virus?
  • Does your destiny or home town have any restrictions or demands for travel?

If your travel is necessary:


Get yourself vaccinated if you feel the need to travel. Get all 2 doses done and wait for 2 further weeks after the vaccination so that your body gets time to build up immunity against the virus.

Pre-travel Covid-19 test

Get a Covid-19 test done 24-48 hours before you travel and keep the results with you, as you can be asked to show the results. Do not travel if you test positive for the virus.


Wear your mask all the time and maintain a distance from other public.

Vitals to carry

Always carry a hand sanitizer with you, some extra mask (in case if your mask is spoiled), and pair of gloves if needed.

Things to avoid

Stand at least 6 feet away from other public and avoid the crowd. Do not go on public transports and even on private ones without wearing a mask.

Have a check on travel restrictions

Every government has its travel policies since the pandemic. Keep in mind all of those before you plan anything. Some countries/ places require a negative test result of Covid-19, some demand 7-14 days of quarantine, and some have stayed home orders also. If you are traveling by air, check your airline requirements and plan your travel accordingly.

Types of travel and their considerations:

Bus or train travel

Traveling on bus and train means to have interaction with the crowd on terminals. This increases the risk of Covid-19 so stand at least 6 feet apart from others and practice frequent hand hygiene. Don’t forget your masks though.

Air travel

Here you can come in contact with other people on airport terminals and security lines. You may find it difficult to maintain 6 feet distance on crowded flights but make sure to wear your mask and practice hand hygiene.

After travel things

Not everyone who has covid-19 experiences symptoms so you may be exposed to the virus even if you feel well. So it is important to take some steps to avoid the spread of the virus.

Post-travel test

Get yourself tested 3-5 days after your travel. If you test positive isolate yourself immediately. If you test negative then also complete quarantine of 7 days. If you are not getting yourself tested then you have to be in quarantine for almost 10 days.

Remember we all are now in new normal and are responsible for our safety and other’s health as well.

Ways To Book The Cheapest Air Tickets


Airfares are the most expensive contribution of every trip ever. Finding a deal on your air tickets can help your budget to be slightly lowered and you will save extra money to spend on adventures rather than spending it on airfares.

Searches are your best friend

You should not be surprised if the ticket prices of flights increase if you search for them multiple times. To see the lowest prices of tickets always search for their prices in incognito mode or try searching them through a private browser.

Your dates and time should be flexible

Airlines always shuffle their prices which may vary on weekdays, weekends, holidays, and on kid’s vacation time. Always keep in mind you will pay more if more public is flying. If you are thinking to fly to any country, make some good research and see what the trend for the public there is and reserve your flight accordingly. Be mindful of flying off the season, it will cost you a lot lesser than when you fly in vacation season. When we talk about weekends and weekdays, you will always find it cheaper to book a flight on weekdays. Moreover, late-night flights and early morning flights will also save some of your money.

Direct flying may not be a good option always

Your route to your destiny matters the most. It can make an obvious difference in your budget. Often it happens that you will find it cheaper to fly to London and then take another airline to Amsterdam than directly flying from your city to Amsterdam. So adjusting your routes and selecting them wisely can make a huge difference in your airfares.

Special deals can help you a lot

To be aware of the special deals, it’s good if you join the mailing list of preferred airlines and get time-to-time emails about their amazing deals. The best deals are mostly available for shorter durations like for 12 hours or maybe a day so keep an eye on it to make sure you don’t miss one.

Choosing the best search engines

Every search engine will surely have price differences as they are also receiving their shares from the airline. In this case, you need to search many websites to get the best of all. Compare different sites as they all have their pros and cons and see what suits you best. Here are some best search engines that I will surely recommend.

  • Google flights: it will give you rates for different destinies.
  • Sky scanner: it is the most favorite of all as it searches many airlines from English websites to non-English websites.
  • Momondo: here you will find cheaper airfares most of the time as compared to other search engines.

Student discounts

If you are under 26 or you are a student, you can find air tickets at cheaper rates as compared to the standard rates. Many student discounts offered by an airline also work in their partner airlines that make you save a lot of money.

11 Best Things to Do in San Diego (USA)


San Diego is a tremendous place to visit for sun-seekers and adventurers as it is the coastal area of the United States of America. In San Diego, you will find the best breweries, top-class beaches, and best tacos. San Diego is known to have a rich military heritage. Here are some best things that you can do in San Diego to have some memorable moments along with you for a lifetime.

Visit Balboa Park

This park is well-known for its world-class zoo, historical museums in Spanish revival buildings, beautiful cultivated areas, and live shows. There are more than 350 plant species found in Balboa Park. It also has more than 2000 individual plants with a pond for lilies and lotuses.


At Embarcadero you can easily spot whales out in the ocean and do boating around the harbor. It also has some uniquely designed playgrounds for kids out there and attractive fountains in the Waterfront Park that drive everyone crazy.

USS Midway Museum

It is the largest museum that is being dedicated to aircraft and naval aviation. Here you will go through pilot rooms, big engine rooms, and people who used to serve the midway. You will also get to know the events that took place right where you stand.

La Jolla

La Jolla has water on three sides and it offers fine diving, little coves with sea lions and seals on the sand, and cliffs with sea caves. The famous in La Jolla are state reserve beaches, Torrey pines, and golf courses.

Famous and wanted food and drinks

The best dishes that are found in San Diego are Carne Asada, enchiladas, and fish tacos. Also, Oscar’s Mexican food is famous for fish Taco and has four locations out there.


Surfers are always in search of the perfect travel wave and they can find it here in La Jolla and Point Loma.

The old town

it has early historic adobe buildings from the city. Here you will find the best Mexican food, art galleries, and brims specialty shops.


it is the top-rated zoo in the world with more than 650 species in it. It has cage fewer exhibits and also has arranged a lion enclosure in earlier times. You will also find a guided bus tour that covers around three-quarters of the park.

The Harbor Cruise

To explore San Diego in no more time, you can take a tour in Harbor Cruise. It gives you a tour of around 50 landmarks in San Diego and you can also spot wildlife here.

Watch Whales

From December to April you can watch gray whales for up to 4 hours long on a Cruise. Here you will be able to spot sea lions and harbor seals.

Little Italy

It is a congenial area for pizza spots, restaurants, breweries, and cafes on the patio. On Saturdays, there is Mercato that is a street market that has now become a part of the San Diego institution due to its popularity.

Travel In Asia Becomes Effortless – Complete Guidance


Being the world’s largest continent by area and population size, Asia will be one of the most interesting places for you to travel. As it is the most diverse area of the world people who are looking for powerful cultural interactions, adventures, and a lot more about natural charms, Asia is just the perfect place. Moreover, couples around the globe visit Asia for luxury holidays. Below are some tips that will make your travel more easily and worth paying.

1. Select cities and pick your route

Usually what I prefer is to go a little slower, explore each community and have a quality time there. The locals of Asia are very loving and welcoming and Asia has its specialty in its foods. Choose countries that are nearby and have easy flights and trains available. Your choice depends on whether you love beaches, outdoors, culture or cuisines.

2. Research each country customs

Asia is a continent full of customs and traditions. Before arriving check out their customs and dress codes they prefer to wear. Never enter any religious place with slippers on. While riding a taxi or having any snack always agree on prices before eating or taking a ride.

3. Always have a check on the weather

Mostly in Asian countries, there is wet or dry weather and as warm as it is near to the equator. But at the same time, Asian countries are prone to have heavy monsoons.

4. Check visa requirements

Check requirements for the visa and plan accordingly. Several South Asian countries offer visas upon arrival and several require 6 months of passport validity left. Every country has its requirements so make sure to have a check on it.

5. Carry light and right

Traveling within Asia does not require you to carry a lot of clothes as laundry here is cheap and is done within 24 hours only. You can also shop for extra clothes and toiletries at much cheaper rates. Just keep hats, sunblock, first aid, and sanitizers as essentials with you.

6. Squat toilets

Be prepared for traditional squat toilets if you are visiting small cities and villages. Always carry some toilet paper, wipes, and sanitizers along with you.

7. Bargaining is the key

If you are shopping in the streets and at local markets don’t be afraid to bargain there. It will always work.

8. Street food is the best

Local restaurants and street food here taste the best among all. Don’t fear while eating here and enjoy the taste of delicious food.

9. Remember to be ethical

Participate in eco-friendly tourism activities but be mindful of being ethical. You can visit zoos and parks and enjoy the nature and beauty out there.

10. Get travel insurance

Make sure your policy includes a scooter, adventure rides, and your health insurance too.

11. Smart currency exchange

Banks and airports often charge too much for money exchange. Once you reach Asia, you will find many reasonable rates for currency exchange. Also, keep in mind to have a lot of money in cash with you like local markets and street restaurants would not offer card service.

4 Top Camping Facts and Myths you Need to Know


Be it winter or summer, going out camping is one of the best activities one can have. It has so many things associated with it that it is a very wholesome experience.

If you have ever planned a camp out the night with your friends and family, you must have heard a lot of myths and camping fun facts. In this article, we highlight the important facts and debunk the famous myths associated with this activity.

1. It is a great way to Socialise – Fact

When a bunch of friends or family members goes out, it is a great way to know each other better. They gather around a bonfire at night, signing or narrating stories. This strengthens the bond amongst them.

Moreover, the places designated for this purpose usually do not have internet services. This forces people to put down their phones and talk to the people in front of them.

2. It brings you close to Nature – Fact

If you are a nature lover, camping is definitely a thing you will enjoy to the fullest. The entire experience brings you close to mother nature. Here we list down some of the factors that contribute to this:

  • The places where people go out are usually in national parks, which are surrounded by trees
  • Lack of facilities of gas and electricity forces one to use natural methods
  • We are away from the comfort of indoors

You may also like to read: Guide To Safe Winter Camping

3. It is expensive – Myth

People who usually do not have a history of camping cite the reasons that it’s expensive. This claim might be true to some extent. However, one can always opt for alternatives that will cut down the costs drastically. Here we list some of these tricks:

  • The source most of the items from home
  • Opt for national park passes, which will save you a ton on the location
  • Try to borrow or rent the gear if you are not a frequent camper

4. It is not safe – Myth

Another myth that scares away most people is that it’s not safe. There have been rare instances where people are attacked by wild animals. However, the national parks have now made sufficient arrangements to save people from such instances. They have helplines which can be called if the need arises.


After reading this article, you must have been apprised of camping facts and would want to go just now. We will advise you to act quickly and not miss out on doing numerous cool things for camping.

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attraction Points in Dubai


A desert city Dubai is a tourism attraction. It has sky-scraping buildings, seven-star hotels, beaches, and the world’s largest shopping place. Let us give you a list of the top 10 Dubai tourism attractions.

Tourists Attraction In Dubai

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world with a height of 2717 feet and the most famous tourist attraction in Dubai. It has 160 floors with the world’s great height covering elevators.


2. Dubai Mall

This Mall is the world’s sprawling and biggest mall with the largest aquarium in the world. It has an area of 12 million square feet and 1200 shops of all the brands of the world. It’s one of the best places for shopping and amusement.

3. Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque is famous because of its architectural work and is the best example of Islamic architecture. It has chandeliers made of 24 karat gold and has 82 domes.

4. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah (an artificial island) is a paradise for vacationers. Palm Jumeirah is lined with five-star hotels and villas. It has a variety of marine life, and you can enjoy swimming with sharks and dolphins.

5. Burj Al Arab

Burj al Arab is one of the expensive seven-star hotels in the world resembling a ship’s sail.

6. Dubai Fountain

This fountain dance is the show of sight and sound. It is the world’s largest music fountain, which is free of cost. The best place to watch the fountain show is Madeleine Cafe.

7. Marina

It is a 2-mile away spread beach having yachts floating in the water, and a fascinating view of skyscrapers is mind-blowing.

8. Global Village

It is a conspicuous and spacious place for shopping, dining, and amusement. You can taste Turkish Borek and buy traditional clothes from Pakistan.

9. Dubai Aquarium and Zoo

It is one of the most stunning aquaria in the world. It is a must-go-to place having 140 species of marine life.

10. Bollywood Parks Dubai

This park represents the diverse culture of India. The presentation of different Indian dances and their folk music is so fascinating. It has a wonderful display of cafes, and a must place to visit for entertainment.


If you are planning your upcoming vacation trip to UAE then, this list will give you a summary of what is special about these tourist attractions in UAE?