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Top 10 Best Pink Lakes In The World

Have you ever plan a vacation in the summers? Especially on a pink lake? Trust me it is the unique and the best experience you will ever have. According to many types of research most of the pink lakes are salty and have their color due to algae. These lakes are becoming famous for tourism and photographers around the globe. Here are the 10 best pink lakes that are counted among the best lakes around the world.

1. Lake Hiller

Located on Middle Island in Western Australia. Lake Hiller is the pinkest lake around the globe. This lake is situated on the middle island that is permanently pink in color. The best possible way to reach Lake Hiller is to contact the tour agency and ask for guidance.

pinkest lake

2. Lac Rose/ Lake Retba

It is located in Dakar Senegal. This lake contains around 40 percent of the salt and you can easily float around the water. But simultaneously this water can cause harm to your skin if you stayed in there for too long. As the water here is too salty applying any oil cream to your skin will help to prevent it from harm.

pink salt lake

3. Hutt Lagoon

This lake has its pink color due to the growth of algae in it. Located on yallabatharra in Western Australia and is few feet below sea level.

pink salt lakes

4. Pink Lakes

Situated in Victoria, Australia. This lake has a specialty, it only turns pink when there is the right amount of sunlight that interacts with algae to give it a shade of pink. Also, the sand around this lake gets pink color that is not common in every lake.

pink salt lakes

5. Salina De Torrevieja

This lake is situated in Torrevieja, Spain. The quantity of the slat in the lake is not very high that makes the environment of the place to be beautiful for visitors.

pink lake

6. Dusty Rose Lake

Located in Columbia, Canada. This lake has neither algae in it nor much of the salt content, so the reason for the pink color in the lake is still a mystery to us. It is in a very remote location and people find it difficult to access it.

pink rivers

7. Masazir Lake

The salty nature of the lake makes it pink in color. It is situated at Masazir Golu in Azerbaijan.

pink salt lakes

8. Quairading Pink Lake

Found in Australia, there is a road passing through the lakes which enables it to give two shades of pink in the entire year. It can be called a pond rather than a lake.

9. Laguna Colorada

It is found in Bolivia, lake has some red minerals, algae, and borax that give it a darker shade of pink.

10. Champagne Pool

It is situated in New Zealand and you will have an entirely different experience here as carbon dioxide bubbles arise from the bottom. The color of the lake is not solely pink but you will get different shades around the year.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Beach are the perfect places to spend your day holidays. They are the perfect mood enhancers. You can find fun in making sandcastles, playing with water, and having sunbaths there. Going on beaches makes you feel relaxed, brings you close to nature, and lets you have fun with water and sand. Finding a perfect beach to spend your holidays?

Here are the top 10 most beautiful beaches around the globe.

1. Boracay white beach

The beach is located in the Philippines. White beaches are the ideal places for those who love to swim on beaches. There are hotels near beaches that offer from low-level budgets to luxurious packages. You can take flights from Manila to Boracay Island.

Most Beautiful Beach

2. Blue Lagoon

Water gives the shade of turquoise here, they are calm and so the area nearby is named Oludeniz meaning the Dead Sea. Boating and paragliding are the most common activities that are performed here. Flights to reach Fethiye are taken from Istanbul.

Beautiful Beaches

3. Na Pali Coast

The area can be seen via a boat or canoe. It is located on Kauai Island. There are many flights available that fly directly to Kauai Island and you can take them from Oahu.

4. Meeru Island

There is a sandy beach found on Meeru Island. The island is found in the Maldives and has a superb resort there called North Male’ Atoll. To reach Meeru Island you have to take a boat ride from Velana Airport.

5. Railay Beach

The best part of the beach is the formation of limestone here that gives an aesthetic look of rocks and also attracts rock climbers here. The beach is found on the Railay peninsula coast and is only accessible through a boat ride from Ao Nang.

Most Beautiful Beaches

6. White heaven Beach

It is located on Whitsunday Island and has white silica that gives it a bright white color. You can have a quick trip to the beach from Hamilton Island.

Beautiful Beach

7. Anse Source D’Argent

The beach is the perfect point for photography. Beach is found on La Digue Island in Seychelles. You will have to take a ferry ride between Praslin and La Digue to reach the beach.

8. Bai Sao

The beach has palm trees, beach bars, and white sands that enhance the beauty of the beach and the crystal clear water found there. Take a plane ride to Phu Quoc from Ho Chi Minh City.

9. Bingin Beach

Perfect beach for surfers. People in a low tide season can also get the best sunbaths here. Bingin beach is accessible via car from the international airport in Bali.

10. McWay Falls

The beach is situated among jagged rocks and you can easily get views of the pacific oceans from here. Hours’ drive from San Francisco will take you to the beach in California.

Top 10 Best Aquariums in the U.S.

Aquariums are the most kid-friendly space for outings. You can visit them on your vacations, day-offs, or even on a rainy day to enjoy the weather. By visiting different aquariums you can also visit different cities in the United States. Let’s have a look on what are the best aquariums in the US.

1. Monterey Bay Aquarium

It is counted among one of the best aquariums in the US shows marine life with a kelp forest. At the crash tunnel, you can also feel the ocean waves and shows a glimpse of the coast of California.

best aquarium in the us

2. Georgia Aquarium

The largest aquarium in the country with over 10 million gallons and so is also called the best aquarium in the US. It has different species of sea animals from different parts of the world and also offers sleepovers under the sea and from behind that makes it the best aquarium in the US.

best aquarium in us

3. Aquarium at Columbus Zoo

The aquarium along with the zoo lets it have many marine species and as well as animals in it. It can be called a two in one place. You can have the perks of the zoo as well as the aquarium together.

best aquarium in us

4. Tennessee Aquarium

The aquarium is located on the bank of the Tennessee River. People visiting this place will get the chance to see freshwater animals from the river together with marine species found in the aquarium.

best aquariums in the us

5. Mystic Aquarium

The most exciting and family-loving features are found here that include visits to jellyfish, tropical fishes, and touch tanks. It also has beluga whales and Steller sea lions in it.

what are the best aquariums in the us

6. Maui Ocean Center

It is a small and interactive aquarium that keeps you involve and gives you satisfaction. You can have the feel of being in the water without being actually in it.

7. National Aquarium

The center of tourist attraction in Baltimore is the national aquarium. It has a dolphin sanctuary and fish tanks in it that enhance the beauty of the aquarium.

tourist attraction in Baltimore

8. Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium at Henry Doorly Zoo

Shark tunnels, coral reefs, and Antarctic penguins are found at the aquarium. The aquarium is in the zoo that attracts more visitors towards it.

Henry Doorly Zoo

9. Newport Aquarium

The most famous feature of the aquarium is the swinging shark bridge that is just above the shark tank. This is the most adventurous part of the aquarium. Besides it also has a tidewater touch pool and a penguin encounter.

10. Shedd Aquarium

It is the conservation center and a historic landmark in Chicago. The shark tank and dolphin shows are the most popular features of this aquarium.

10 Secret Spots in Los Angeles You Should Definitely Check

Los Angeles is full of places inside and out. You will find yourself discovering a new place every time you will step out of the house. It could be either intentional or accidental. Many couples and people who want their own time are in search of some hidden places there. So let’s check out some secret spots in Los Angeles.

1. St. Vincent’s Court

On the busy streets of the DownTown jewelry district, you will find a small court in European style. The cappuccino of this place is just awesome. You can enjoy your cappuccino with views of the fountain and bring positivity to your life.

2. The Chandelier Tree

It is counted among the most secret spots in Los Angeles. The tree is lighted up with beautiful and mesmerizing lights to give a romantic sense to the night sky. Couples can go there to have a perfect vibe for them.

3. Bronson Bat Caves

Yes, you guessed it right! It is the place where the original batman series have been made. Except for Batman, this place has been a great location for many other films as well. The caves are present two steps above the trail.

4. Wayfarers Chapel

It is more like the coastal Oasis. It is designed beautifully with blended windows that give you the feel of both being outdoor and indoor.

5. Time Travel Mart

The perfect place to buy supplies you need. It could be either Robot Toupee, a black hole, or a ray gun. The store is nonprofit and supports creative writers.

6. Blind barber

The shop is pretty interesting and is still hidden from the folks. You will enter the shop and will have a haircut, then you can grab a cocktail from the backroom. There is a door on the back wall that is not marked go inside and have a grilled cheese sandwich menu.

7. Amir’s Garden

Far most the best place for hikers! There are many native plants insides. The trees here provide the best shade and a perfect nature connection.

8. Spoke Bicycle Café

Located on the Los Angeles River bike path, it is the place for a cyclist, dog walkers and of course joggers. Here they are offering bike repairs and rental bicycles.

9. Frog town Brewery

Home services for selling brews and seasonal beers are available here. Also, it is a community where you can make your long-term friends.

10. Old Mulholland Highway end

There is a series of dirt trails that lead to Griffith Park. The Griffith has dense cactus and willow trees.

10 Most Photographed Cities in the World


Every place has its beauty and capturing those beauties is an art. Capturing pictures of different places and posting them on social media has become a trend nowadays. Many places around the world are famous for photography. Have you ever wonder what is the most photographed city in the world? Below are the most photographed places in the world.

1. New York

It is the most photographed city in the world as it has many iconic landmarks in it. Millions of tourists are attracted to the city and come to visit. They take photographs of the place and make memorable moments here. Some of the famous places here are the statue of liberty and central park.

most photographed city in the world

2. Paris

How can we forget the most beautiful Eiffel tower located in Paris, France? Paris has many attractive places and destinations to attract visitors. Still, the center of attraction and center of photography is the Eiffel tower, as it has no comparison at all.

3. London

Tower Bridge and big ben in London are the most famous places. Tower Bridge has gotten fame due to its remarkable location near the river. It is a point from where the whole city can be captured.

4. Buenos Aires

This place has the most colorful European-style architecture. The roads of the city are like the vibrant museum and you will find many people dancing on roads for your perfect picture moments.

what is the most photographed city in the world?

5. Barcelona

The place is famous for beaches, churches, and tapas. You will also find pictures of a park named Park Guell in Barcelona.

6. Rome

Rome is full of classic architecture, fountains, and a well-known point known as Colosseum. There is a church name Trinità dei Monti that is known to be the most photographed point of Rome.

most photographed places in the world

7. Istanbul

Maiden tower that is also known as Kiz Kulesi was built in the fifth century is the most beautiful and glorious place found in Istanbul.

most photographed places in the world

8. Venice

The city is also called the world’s heritage site and has beautiful canals in it as streets. The photographers are obsessed with the structure of the city and are bound to take hundreds and thousands of clicks of the city.

most photographed city in the world

9. Florence

The aesthetic Boulevards, the stone arches, and hills make this place a perfect one to be captured in cameras. The architecture in Renaissance time just gives the perfect sense of capturing sunset and sunrises there.

10. Madrid

However, the city is now being modernized but the best part is it is still preserving its history. You will find a mixture of historic things with modern taste here.

10 Best Destinations for First Time International Travelers

Though traveling is a great way to spend your vacations in the best way and to relieve all your stress but finding out where to plan a trip can be surely a tough one especially for those who are planning the first time for international travel. Here are some international travel tips for you on what places you should go on for a vacation.

1. Barcelona

In Barcelona, you will find a mixture of ancient preserved architecture with a modern taste of creativity. You will find different mesmerizing cuisines, museums, and different unique shops in Barcelona. The city also has beautiful beaches and convenient hotels for you.

best destination to travel

2. London

London is full of places and things you should see. It is an iconic city you will never get to visit. Big Ben and Tower Bridge in London is a must-see. Trains and Ubers will be your best friend there.

international travel tips

3. Florence

It is a small city and its self is walkable. It also has a modern train station and you can use that if you are too adventurous. Florence has a taste of Italian culture and offers the best pieces of art and pasta.

first time international travel tips

4. Cape Town

People usually do not prefer south Africa for spending vacations but Cape town is a whole another world there. The exchange rate is excellent there and you can use Uber as a means of transport. The best features of the city are malls, beaches, and cool coffee shops.

5. Edinburgh

The city has amazing architecture and colorful streets. The city is mainly divided into an old and new town and you will get fascinating restaurants here.

6. Paris

As a part of first time international travel tips, I will surely recommend Paris to visit. The city has an amazing reputation with cuisines and museums and how can you forget the great Eiffel Tower.

first time international travel tips

7. Dublin

You can find the perfect pub culture and historical beauty here in Dublin. The hostility of Dublin is just amazing. People will welcome you here with all their hearts and you will enjoy your trip.

8. Sydney

The beauty of Australia is just fantastic. Though the food and activities out there are a bit expensive but it is worth paying for. People who love adventures and nature’s beauty it is a perfect place for you.

beauty of Australia

9. Copenhagen

You will find trendy markets and colorful canals here. Usually, people here take bike and boat rides to travel around the city.

10. Bangkok

It is a place full of western tourism. You will get many English-directed tours here in Bangkok with luxurious hotels and modern malls. The exchange rate here is also excellent.

10 Las Vegas Hacks You Need to Try for the Best Deals

You can have many unique experiences in Las Vegas whether it be of drinking at the casino or experiencing great shows but, everything you experience isn’t free. It will cost you some amount. However, you can keep your budget safe while trying some Las Vegas hacks.

1. Las Vegas Player’s Card

Gambling is the most important thing when you visit Las Vegas. Going to casinos and gamble on a Las Vegas player’s card and start to increase your points by gambling more. The more you will gamble the great deals you will get on rooms or meals and even shows.

2. Additional deals online

Planning your vacations early will help you a lot to grab good deals online. Many sites post discounts for publicity and attract people to their shows. Make sure to get a good deal and you are all set for your show.

3. Casinos Drink

Clubs have usually expensive drinks and if you are planning for a night-long hangover-style drinking club will be way too expensive for you! The best way is to gamble at casinos as many casinos offer free drinks to those who are gambling.

4. Head off the Strip

Every time you ask people about where they were in Las Vegas you will get to know the strip. The area is the best without any doubt but you can also find better deals by winning more money from casinos.

5. Uber / Lyft

Lyft and Uber are the common transports use here. They are cheaper than a taxi so you can save your money for casinos!

6. Visit high rated shows

Just because the show is expensive it will be too good isn’t the case every time. Always check for ratings and comments online. There are many shows you will find at an affordable price.

7. Buffet

Buffets here are very affordable. You can also get buffet deals for more convenience. The deal for 24 hours’ costs you cheaper than paying separately for different meals.

8. Travel time

Traveling at the right time to Las Vegas can help you to save more money. Always skip weekends and conventions.

9. Avoid Holidays

Though trips in winter will save you money but avoid some weeks like the holiday week of Christmas, the new year, and thanksgiving. At this time, you will find the prices double the rate.

10. Booking

Booking early can make you save money by getting great hotel deals and discounted airfares.

How To Date Someone Who Travels A Lot


Dating is usually a complicated process and if you are dating someone who travels frequently requires guts and patience. Though it is very tough but it’s not impossible. Distance does not affect your relationship much when you truly love your partner and are ready to make some adjustments and sacrifices for them.

There are many pros of dating a person who travels a lot. They always return with a bunch of stories and memories with them which they share with you. Also, they bring souvenirs of the places as a back home memory. To make your relationship strong here are some tips that will help you to keep your relationship healthy with a traveler

Communication is the key

Try to find out how you both want to communicate. Some people find it easier by texting all day and others find happiness in making a call at the end of the day. Identify and communicate your needs and state them clearly to avoid any misunderstandings.

Active listening

As meet-ups are not usual and common between you, the time you both get together utilizes that effectively by listening to your partner and share your experiences with them. This active listening will create a sense of connection in your relationship and will strengthen your bond.

Small surprises

Make your loved ones feel special with small surprises, think of what they like, their choices and surprise them with small things. It can be either your handwritten letters, creative cards, send those flowers, chocolates or think of some small gifts that can make them feel special and wanted. Communicating your feelings and making them feel that you miss them will strengthen your connection.

Be supportive

Your relationship is more likely to be like long-distance relationships as your loved one is traveling most of the time and you are at your home. There are chances to feel low and jealous but remember this will only create mishaps between you. Instead, try to be a supportive and caring partner. Talk more about these with your partner and try to solve things with effective communication. Set boundaries so that neither of you is left alone.

Use technology creatively

For couples who are in a long-distance relationship, technologies are your best friend. Face time your partner daily, use snap chat and share your memories and pictures with them. Share videos and use your smartphones effectively. Make them feel they are not alone and you are with them in every moment of their lives.

Together you both can make it work!

Etihad Airways Suffer Loss Of 1.7 Billion US Dollar Due To Pandemic

Back in 2019 Etihad airways suffered through the loss of US dollar 0.8 billion and in 2020 it exacerbates to US dollar 1.7 billion. Etihad airways upon further questioning about the loss blamed Covid-19 as for longer durations flights were banned.

Reasons behind the loss

In 2019 the flow of passengers was around US dollar 17.5 million which then reduced to US dollar 4.5 million abruptly. The reason behind this huge decline was to reduce demands for flights and the capacity to carry passengers also decrease as per social distancing needs.
The same trend goes for the flight passenger capacity; it was around US dollar 104 billion in 2019 but then in 2020 it falls to US dollar 37.5 billion only.

Passenger profits recorded in 2019 were approximately US dollar 4.8 billion which then reduced to US dollar 1.2 billion in 2020. A major reason behind the dropping profits was the termination of the flights going to and coming from the United Arab Emirates from March to June to control and stop the spread of Covid-19 as per the guidelines of the government of UAE.

When the data were checked, it was seen that over 80 percent of the total passengers that flew in 2020 flew in the first 3 months that was before Covid-19. This depicts that how the global pandemic has contributed to the overall loss in Etihad airways.

Message from Etihad Airways

Covid-19 has hugely impacted the aviation industry as flights were terminated, passenger capacities were reduced, and the flow of passengers also decline due to the fear of Covid-19. but the Etihad airways was always firm and is ready to play an important role while the world is now ready to fly. A very special thanks from the executive officer of Etihad to its shareholders and to our dedicated people who have trusted Etihad for their journey. Our airlines have to make sure for the health and safety of its passengers and are trying to reshape our business for a speedy recovery.

Australia Augmenting International Flights Till June

Australia has considered the prior need for the safety of people inside and outside the county. A person’s safety is more than anything. Australia has augmented international flights for three months due to an increase in the number of cases for Covid-19. The borders of Australia will remain closed and banned till June 2021 for the safety of people. The government of Australia shows concern for the people as they can’t compromise on the health of people. International flights can bring damage to the country as new cases can be reported, and Covid can increase in the country.

This ban is not for the first time as the government of Australia has banned international flights before March 2020 which was supposed to expire in March 2021. The government has set strict measures to prevent risking the health of people.

The extension of the ban is international but not local. People can transfer within the country in various cities but cannot move out of the country. This leverage is only till there is an increase in the number of more cases. This also means that people who were planning to visit Australia in the coming days would have to delay their plan as flights can be canceled or fare can be extraordinarily expensive with strict SOPs and quarantine rules in some places.

The international arrivals have to carry the mandatory Covid testing before departure. The good news is that the situation may get better within some days and flights may resume anytime.

This is the best initiative taken by the government to ban international flights. By doing so, they can protect the lives of people in the country, and the people who are planning to visit Australia in the next few days. It is the best way to stop the spread of Covid-19.